Managing Stress in a Stressful World

Tre Cobbs, Staff Writer November 11, 2020

It is likely for people our age to experience stress in some way or another. With the busy lives that college students live, stress can cause a strain on being productive which is why I am here to provide...

Five Games to Play Six Feet Apart

Karyn Williams , Staff Writer September 30, 2020

What is the number one way we develop and maintain relationships?  Through spending time and being with our friends, of course.  But the times we live in don’t necessarily allow for such things anymore,...

Quarantine Workout Routine

Calista Self, Staff Writer April 22, 2020

With the gym being closes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many people are seeking a way to physically work their bodies from home. To avoid gaining excess weight, some people have taken to YouTube, exercise...

Neanderthal Findings Bring New Information

Calista Self, Staff Writer April 22, 2020

For this Panogram article, I will be discussing an interesting topic regarding a top trending story in the world of science. Neanderthals are an extinct species, or a subspecies of archaic humans and...

Help is Out There

Jeremy Henderson, Staff Writer April 22, 2020

People never think to ask for help with small setbacks and gigantic issues in life. You cannot do everything yourself all the time. Sometimes, you have to ask for help. You cannot buy a skateboard on Amazon...

The Kayak Project

Calista Self, Staff Writer March 9, 2020

A Kentucky Wesleyan College student, Ethan Dossett, has created a project in attempt to clean up Kentucky waterways and reduce everyday litter. He created this project, known as The Kayak Project in 2018....

Sierra Club Campus Recycling Initiative

Kenzie Tomes, Staff Writer December 11, 2019

With the rising threat of climate change and the desperate need for environmentally-friendly initiatives on a national as well as a global scale, the Sierra Club is taking action on our campus to ensure...

Effects of Social Media

Bailey Woodall, Staff Writer December 11, 2019

Social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest affect the way we picture important events that happen in life: marriage, birth, relationships, and the way people live their lives. Social...

End of Semester Woes

LaDarius Dunn, Staff Writer December 11, 2019

It’s coming around the time where the end of the semester is coming up. Even though it’s what every college student wants it is also one of the hardest parts of the school year. Simply because everything...

Rising Suicide Rates in Vetrans

Bailey Woodall, Staff Writer November 12, 2019

Veterans battle with their own demons inside their heads while they’re serving and long after they’re done serving. Being in the military is glorified in the United States because Americans have so...

Growing Up – One Student’s Perspective

Andy Santana, Staff Writer October 2, 2019

Growing up isn’t about age, background, or the situation someone is in. It is about knowing yourself, understanding your past and how it has positively and negatively affected your present-self, and...

Fall Semester Balancing Act

La'Darius Dunn, Staff Writer October 2, 2019

Here is the time that most people have been waiting for, well most freshman. Simply because they feel like this will be a better experience than they had in high school because of the little things that...

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