The Face of Wesleyan: Keelan Cole

Darius Chandler, Sports Editor

About 109 miles southwest of Louisville is small town called Owensboro, and it is the home of a private college by the name of Kentucky Wesleyan College. At Kentucky Wesleyan College, Keelan Cole, a kid who graduated from Louisville Central High School, has emerged as one of the best Wide Receivers in the nation.

Cole made the decision to go to Kentucky Wesleyan and pursue his football dreams, although those dreams were not pursuing him. When he started his first season at Wesleyan, he red shirted, which made him inactive for that year. In the following years, Cole has displayed himself to the country as one of the best receivers in the nation.

In the 2014, season Cole played his best season yet. He became nationally known and given awards. During the season, he displayed a massive amount of talent, being number one in a various amount of categories. As a sophomore, he led the nation in yards per game with 137.8, total receiving yards with 1,577, and total touchdowns with 21. You can get a glimpse of the memorable season here on

In the midst of the 2015 season, Cole had been named a 2015 All-American multiple times. The buzz was beginning to kick in, and he is now on the NFL draft board as a junior if he chose to register for the 2016 NFL draft.

The 2015 season was not far off from the success of the previous year. Even with a slow start, Cole was second in receiving yards a game with 134.5, 4th in receiving yards with 1,345 yards, and 2nd in receiving touchdowns with 17, and only 73 receptions.

Since coming to college ,Cole has always had the determination to take his talent to the next level, he has used his motto in hashtags on social media to make it known what his goals have been.

Pro is the Goal”

Cole has shown resemblance to wide receivers in the NFL past and present. Cole has the breakaway speed of AJ Green, as well as the ability to go get the ball like a young Randy Moss. With his 6 ft 2 frame, he is able to make unbelievable catches and stun the defense with breath-taking open field moves.

As the 2016 season slowly approaches, Cole is faced with the decision that every big time player has to make: does he stay in school and play another season for the Panthers, or does he leave and pursue his dreams of trying to become a NFL great?

Being a student athlete can be tough, but Cole manages to be a part of the community by holding a job at the local YMCA, working for the after school department being a good role model for the kids to follow after. He is also regularly seen around campus as he goes to classes, never forgetting the student part of the student athlete. In that way, he serves as a role model for all students, athletes and non-athletes, to remember why Wesleyan exists, which is to offer top-notch education for all students willing to put in the work to earn it for himself or herself.

Cole, a student of a small school in a relatively small community, has become the “face” of Kentucky Wesleyan College. Accomplishing all that he has at a small school that is not known for its football team is unbelievable. It not only gives Cole that extra motivation to be great but also gives others hope that they can succeed, even when the odds are against them.