Voluntary Power Outage

Marque Northington, Guest Contributor

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On March 25 of the year 2015, Professor Connelly’s English classes will be conducting a voluntary power outage. This voluntary power outage is welcome to the whole Kentucky Wesleyan campus. As leaders of this experiment, we would like the whole campus to please join in on the fun. The more people that participates, the more accurate and successful our voluntary power outage will be. The goal of this voluntary power outage is to conserve energy and save money for the school. Owensboro Municipal Vitalities runs the city electricity and conducting this experiment will help them save money.
Kentucky Wesleyan College is an institution that should consider conserving energy and saving money. Kentucky Wesleyan College spends on average 30,000 dollars a month, 1,000 dollars a day, and 360,000 dollars a year on electricity. This is definitely too much money that a school should be spending on electricity. If Kentucky Wesleyan College cuts back on electricity as a whole, we would save a lot of money and make the city of Owensboro proud. For example, Western Kentucky University conducted the same exact experiment and saved a lot of money. We want to be just as successful as Western Kentucky was.
Conserving energy really helps the environment. Using electricity only when you need it and not wasting it really helps too. Conserving energy means less use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels pollute the air and if we cut down, the air we breathe will be cleaner. As a student at Kentucky Wesleyan College, cutting down on energy bills and helping the environment is something I would want to take part in.
To conduct this voluntary power outage, I will need some important steps done for it to be successful. First, I need all students, faculty, and staff to participate in this experiment. Second, I need the cost of the electricity bill from the previous month. Third, I need all the rooms that are lit counted in the building. This is the pre-experiment steps. Now, to conduct this voluntary power outage I need all lights turned off at a certain time. To enhance the success of this experiment, I need all items plugged in an outlet to be pulled out. Also, I need the street lights on campus to be dimmed to the safest light possible. Lastly, I will get the electricity bill for the current month at the beginning of the next month.
It is important to get ahold of both electricity bills from the previous month and the current month because comparisons are necessary. Comparisons need to be made because you got see the difference of the costs of the bills in order to truly see the effect of the voluntary power outage. For a heads up guess, the new current month electricity bill will be much lower than last month’s bill. Kentucky Wesleyan College is a small campus that would be perfect for this voluntary power outage. After we have a successful turn out, I hope students will want to have more voluntary power outages. Our power outage starts March 25th, and we would greatly appreciate if you would participate.

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