KWC Cares Program Begins

Simeon Pogue, Features Editor

Starting this semester, Kentucky Wesleyan has started a new program/group entitled “KWC Cares.” KWC Cares is a team of faculty and staff dedicated to helping students become successful.

The team is composed of a wide variety of members from many areas of the college.

“There are some from Financial Aid, three people working with the athletic teams, the director of the Sophomore Experience Program, and more,” says Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Paula Dehn.

“Each week, the team meets to discuss concerns that both faculty and staff have brought forward about particular students,” says the Director of Sophomore Experience, Becca McQueen.

The team will analyze attendance rosters of students, while also reviewing if the students have textbooks.

Additionally, the team handles academic alerts.

“When we get an academic alert, the people from the team will actually talk to students and see what kind of help they might need,” says Dr. Dehn.
“We are trying to help students get away from the idea that academic alerts are a bad thing,” says McQueen. “We really hope students understand that we don’t want them in trouble or that we’re trying to ‘nag’ them about their grades. It really is coming from a place of care and concern.”

Depending on the student and situation, the team will contact students who haven’t been attending class. The team will try to help resolve issues as to why a student may not have a textbook. Additionally, they want to discuss academic alerts with students to see

if there is anything they can do to help the situation.
Solutions may include getting the student help from the PLUS Center, getting the student to a counselor if they are having personal issues, and everything in between. The team wants help in any way possible.

Dr. Dehn says this is one of the benefits of going to a small school, whereas at a larger institution, one may not be able to get the one-on-one help they need.
Here at Wesleyan you can get the personal attention you need to succeed. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the assistance provided by the KWC Cares team.

Dr. Dehn encourages students who may be having issues to come to their meetings at 9am on Monday mornings to discuss with them any problems they’re having.

As a side note, commuter students are encouraged to give suggestions to the KWC Cares team about how the team could better reach out to commuters.