Panogram Asks: What Are Your Spring Break Plans?

Simeon Pogue, Features Editor

It has finally arrived! One of the most infamous weeks in the academic calendar, SPRING BREAK!
Every year, students drive home, to the beach, or somewhere in between to get away from campus and have some fun before returning back to school.
The Panogram asked some students what their plans were for Spring Break, here are some of their responses.

“SKIING!!!” – Kayla Pearson

“I am going home.” – Morgan Switalla

“For Spring Break my parents are treating me to a weekend trip to Nashville. We’re going to go shopping and exploring the parts of Nashville we haven’t been to before.” – Hannah Beth Roach

“I’ll probably be binge watching Broadcity.” – Andrew McGrath

“I’m going for my annual trip to Gatlinburg with my family!” – Olivia Knight

“Hanging around campus and working on stuff for the Gatsby Galla.” – Holly Blackburn

“I will be working and probably going skiing.” – Kaylyn Pearson

“I’ll be in Panama City! Hanging out with some friends in a town house we got.” – Katie Black

“Going to Clearwater Beach, Florida!” – Sarah Swenson

“Working and catching up on grad school homework.” – Morgan Oakley

“I’m going to Panama with about 10 other people in a minivan – AKA the swaggin wagon.” – Heather Scott

“I’m going to visit my boyfriend in Florida!” – Erica Gallois

“Going home to Louisville.” – Elizabeth Fakunle

“I’m going to Orlando, Florida to play tennis with the tennis team!” – Katie Laughlin

“Babysitting and homework… That’s it.” – Alissa Thomas

“Working!” – Cody Leffert

“Working my fly job at Kmart and going to visit a friend in Illinois.” – Brook Vandeveer

“I’m going home to Illinois! Gonna go to the St. Louis Zoo and the Science Center!” – Hannah Mull

“Working at the best job in the world, Puzzle Pieces!!” – Amber Bryant

“I have no plans… No plans for 7 straights days. And I’m okay with that!” – Simeon Pogue

“I’m making posters for the Gatsby Galla.” – Kaitlyn Steward

“Rhiannon Moore and I are going to NYC!” – Daphane Parker

“Student teaching! :/” – Hannah Priest

“I’m gonna be exploring New York Cityyyyy with my best friend Daphane Parker.” – Rhiannon Moore

“Renting apartments to the citizens of OBKY!” –Lydia Kaminski

“Working on Athletics Hall of Fame and FBLA.” – Jenifer Heady

“Obvi going on tour with the fantastic Kentucky Wesleyan Singerzzz.” – Madison Webber

“I’m going where all the broke people go… Home.” – Faith Marts

“Clearwater Beach, Florida!” – Sara Hope

“Staying home to enjoy the snow [not really].” – Blair Hu

“There’s not enough snow here, so I’m going to Boston!” – Elissa Starheim