Panogram Asks…Christmas Edition

Simeon Pogue, Editorial Editor

In this issue, the Panogram asked some students “What are your plans for Christmas break?” Here are their responses!


“Hanging with family and friends!” – Justin Bush


“Studying for the LSAT [Law School Admissions Test].” – Christian List


“I will be going on a missions trip to Honduras to help prepare a school for the new academic year!” – Monica Pentecost


“I’m gonna sleep and go hunt wild boar in North Africa… Just kidding I’m gonna sleep.” – Arielle Geary


“I’ll probably go to Colorado and spend time with family there.” – Tori Owens


“Going home to Louisville, Kentucky!” – Cody Mills


“I’m going to be studying abroad in Rome, Athens, Paris and London. I’m so excited for this opportunity to broaden my horizons and gain a new experience!” Taylor Springel


“None! Except I’m going to a concert at the Louisville Palace. Going to enjoy not having to write any papers.” – David Goble


“I’m going home to work. Need to pay for an engagement ring!” – Mike Hellmueller


“I’m working on a novel. I want it done before spring so I can turn it into a screenplay.” – Sydney O’Hearn


“Gonna take advantage of some down time while I recover from surgery. I’m taking a winter term class, working and spending time with family.” – Bridget Johnson


“I’m studying for the PCAT [Pharmacy College Admissions Test]. – Avery Keller


“I want to read 20 books during break.” – Brianna Richards


“I’m studying for the OAT [Optometry Admissions Test] and possibly traveling up to New York! – Taylor Gaddis