Simeon Pogue, News Editor

On Sept 23, KWC’s newly named President, Bart Darrell, called a family meeting in the HRC. President Darrell began his speech by referring to our future and we are headed.


Darrell first began with a slideshow that featured many KWC faculty, staff, and students.


First Darrell addressed the students and their role to the other students on campus.


“I can promise you that you are better together than apart,” Darrell said. He continued by emphasizing how we all look out for one another and care for one another. Because we are a family.


“It’s what I call, ‘The Wesleyan Way,'” Darrell said. Darrell wants this to be our theme and what the whole college is centered around.


What does The Wesleyan Way mean, one may ask.


“It means integrity, in every single thing that we do. It means you compete in every single thing you do… It means you (we) support each other…” Darrell said.


Darrell followed this up by connecting about 15 students together. It started with Nadia Wilkes asking about another student’s major and ended with Eddie Echols watching Wilkes perform at her senior recital.


“This is The Wesleyan Way,” Darrell said. “We support each other’s educations and our passions.”


Darrell emphasized that this will, 1. Make us better at everything we do and 2. Because it’s just the right thing to do. “That’s what families do.”


Darrell encouraged the students to behave in such a manner that when out in the Owensboro community, the public knows we go to Wesleyan.


He then challenged each student to say “hello” and speak to every person they pass. In turn, Darrell said he will try his best to speak to all students as well.


Darrell then spoke to the faculty, thanking them for all their hard work and dedication.


Then he thanked the staff for all they do.


Afterwards, Darrell spoke on how we will different than any other school, how we are different than other schools, and how we will pride ourselves in that.


“Others will wish they were here ( because of the Wesleyan Way).”


Darrell then urged all students to tweet “#TheWesleyanWay” and retweet other students who tweet the same thing.


“I want #TheWesleyanWay to trend,” said Darrell. And trend it did.


@Hermann_8 said, “If its not #TheWesleyanWay then its wrong way.”


On a humorous note, @J_Clark13 said, “Just saw 2 squirrels hug #TheWesleyanWay.”


@KFGHorizons said, “#TheWesleyanWay took me to @NBCNews @FoxNews & @CNN. Made me a better mom, person, and citizen of humanity #ProudAlum @KyWesleyan.”


Currently there are over 230 tweets with #TheWesleyanWay since Sept 23. Many of which have 30+ retweets and many favorites.