2022 – 2023 SGA Executives and Senators Elected

Hailey Neal, Staff Writer

The KWC Student Government Association is an essential part of our campus. SGA provides students with a voice pertaining to matters on campus that range from social affairs to serious administrative matters. SGA is the core of student organizations through approving new organizations, providing funding, and assuring that each organization is following appropriate rules and regulations. KWC’s Student Government Association consists of an Executive Council and a Senate with four senators representing each class. Two senators represent residential students and two represent commuters.

SGA Executives are elected each year by the student body. The 2022 – 2023 executives include Yoselin Herrera Uribe – President, Tracy McGee – Vice President, Sara Gootee Brown – Secretary, Yogianah McKnight – Treasurer, and Simon Hanson – Parliamentarian. The elected senators are Sophomore Residential Senators William Curtis and Kate Keller, Sophomore Commuter Senators Addison Carter and Grace Johnson; Junior Residential Senators Macy Dame and Gabriela Mendez, Junior Commuter Senator Misti Morris; Senior Residential Senators Hunter Mathews and Samantha Dalbec, and Senior Commuter Senators Jillian Higdon and Thomas Karlo. The student body is excited to see what this administration will bring to Kentucky Wesleyan next year.