KWC Graduate Erin Wilson’s Success

Kenzie Tomes, Staff Writer

Kentucky Wesleyan College prides itself in the successes of its alumni. Erin Wilson, a recent graduate of 2019, is a perfect example of one of these many success stories. Since graduating, Erin has already paved an amazing career path for herself. She was immediately offered a two-year contract right out of school from a news team in Dothan, Alabama.

Erin first came to Kentucky Wesleyan as a Freshman with a scholarship to run cross country. She had no idea what to study, and originally majored in Education. After attempting observation hours which are required for this course of study, Erin quickly realized that was not a good fit for her. Transition to Communication Arts, she found her calling.

It was not school alone, though, that molded Erin into the successful news reporter she is today. She shared that as a student athlete, she was forced to better manage her time. Between school and practices, she became very self-motivated to contribute equal effort to both. When she was not running or hitting the books, Erin also found time for internships that provided her the relevant experience she needed in order to be prepared for her career after college. The first was with Lesley Neeley who happened to teach one of Erin’s classes. Through this connection, she was given the chance to work in the Media Department at City Hall in Owensboro. Next, the summer before her Senior year, she snatched up a position at WLKY in Louisville. Just before graduating, she also spent time with 14 News in Evansville where she shadowed the bureau reporter who was stationed in Owensboro. These three opportunities for experience set Erin on the right track and made her more marketable in the job pool because she already possessed a solid knowledge of what the position would require.

When asked some of her favorite memories with WTVY, she shared that she was given the opportunity to attend the Iron Bowl to fill in for their sports reporter. During the event, she spent time on the sideline and in the locker room for a post-game report. Another interesting moment for her career occurred in September of 2020. This is around the time when Hurricane Laura hit Lake Charles in Louisiana. The sister station to WTVY was located there, and was destroyed by the storms. They were in dire need of help, so Erin bravely made her way to Lake Charles, an eight hour drive from Dothan, to talk with the people who were affected. Erin shared, “I never would have had that experience if I had not left Kentucky,” and later adding, “this job has taught me the aspect if branching out and meeting new people; I used to be intimidated by that.”

As a reporter, Erin has been pushed to be active in the community of Dothan, a city she was once a stranger to. She beautifully phrased her work as, “an opportunity to experience life,” and she certainly has. Her two-year contract has now come to an end, and Erin is excited to be transitioning back to Louisville to work for Spectrum News 1. This is a long-awaited move for Erin as she had been ready to move back home to be closer to family and friends. She shared that as a young girl, she grew up watching the news stations in Louisville, and now, her dreams have become her reality.

When asked what advice she would give to students, Erin stated, “Get involved, constantly talk to your advisor, and do not settle. Keep working hard do you can have a successful career.” These words of wisdom certainly helped Erin through her years of college and into an already incredible career just two years after graduating from Kentucky Wesleyan.