Covid-19 and Sports

Tre Cobbs, Staff Writer

There is a lot of uncertainty that all college and high school sports face due to the coronavirus and how even through all of this, they are still recruiting and still getting to play some games. This article also goes over how COVID-19 has really affected athletic programs across the country and how they are dealing with it in the long run. After COVID-19, colleges are still planning how to do sports such as football and basketball and have tried to make it to where student-athletes still get the chance to live out their college careers while following guidelines and staying safe. Many colleges have made this dream possible, and it seems that things are slowly starting to go back to normal as there are championships going on and college games going on almost every day.

It seems though that as we continue on in college with sports, people are making up rules as we go along and there are some colleges that are more lenient on preventions and guidelines, which put other athletes at risk. NCAA ruling and guidelines for athletic competition is pretty strict, so this prevents most of COVID-19, such as emphasis on daily self-health checks, face coverings and social distancing during training, regular coronavirus testing and adherence to community health standards. Overall, contact college sports such as basketball will never be the same again and haven’t been since March of last year. I believe that things are slowly starting to be normal due to the vaccinations, but due to people still having risk of getting COVID-19, sports are hard to deal with and there are still rules that sports have to follow. There are games that are still getting cancelled due to people on teams getting the virus and being in close contact.

I think that the biggest effect of the coronavirus on college sports would be the money or revenue that college sports are no longer getting due to cancellations and other factors such as money going more towards how colleges deal with COVID-19. I believe that athletic departments are really getting hit hard, and some colleges don’t take into consideration sports that aren’t extremely popular, such as wrestling or tennis. Especially for smaller college athletic programs such as Kentucky Wesleyan, they are getting hit with the fact of not having as many games and not having enough funds to do everything that they may want to, such as spend more money on traveling or gear.

A huge deal for sports in regard to college graduates or high school graduates, or even student trying to transfer would be recruiting. Due to games always getting cancelled or not having as many games to play, there is loss of playing time, which leads to less film that these recruits can send for offers in football or basketball. It also means less opportunities to play in games to impress coaches to set themselves apart from other players. It is still important to come up with ways to get noticed. Students can organize their game film, transcripts and test scores in one place for coaches to see to show their efficiency. Players can also use social media to connect with coaches in any way, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I think that even if there are no opportunities to get playing time or film that students still have a good shot at getting recruited and can show their skills through multiple past videos.

Overall, I think that even though COVID-19 has affected sports a whole lot that it is still possible for everything to go back to normal and for student-athletes to get the chance to do what they love. Even if your sport is cancelled or there are many games being cancelled, it gives you opportunities to focus on your education or focus on campus events and hanging out with friends and family.