Spotlight: Lane Kennemore

Dalton Ney , Staff Writer

His name is Lane Kennemore and if you don’t know who he is by now you probably will soon. This man holds down the second base position smoother than fresh cut lawn you could say. He is a team leader and veteran here at Kentucky Wesleyan as a fifth-year senior and attending this school since he was a freshman. He knows what it takes to be a full-time panther and knows how to get the job done when it comes down to the wire. He is a nitty gritty type of player that will always find sneaky ways to get on base. If you have ever attended a Panther baseball game be ready for this man to smack a hit and run because he is the best when it comes to that.


Mr. Lane started to show his nitty gritty and veteran colors in the last two games of the Ohio Valley Series where the panthers went on to take all four games from them collecting the sweep. In the third game Lane went off by getting two hits out of his five at bats, scoring twice, and knocking in one run. In the last game is where Kennemore lit a flame for the Panthers by getting four hits out of his five at bats bringing his overall batting average to .316. He then had one run batted in and scored a crazy amount of four times.


On the first day of the series against the Findlay Oilers, the Panthers were set out to get two wins over them to keep the Panthers hot. Kennemore was a huge factor in these two games that lead the Panthers to easy wins of the Oilers. In the first game the veteran may have only had one hit but found himself on base twice and scoring both times. The second game is where he came alive and ended the game having three hits in the five at bats he had. With this he also scored three times and had two runs batted in helping the Panthers secure the two wins against the Findlay Oilers that weekend.