Spotlight: Robert Chayka

Dalton Ney , Staff Writer

If you find yourself ever at a Panther baseball game, don’t be surprised if you number 0 flying around the bases. He is quick around the bases and finds ways on base in ways other players cannot, due to his lighting speed running down the line to first base. Number 0 is known as Robert Chayka but on the team is known as white chocolate due to his swag he carries to the field. He will bunt, hit a homerun, or beat out a ground ball to the short stop if you take to long, he makes getting him out very difficult. Here are his highlights at the midway point of the season.


The first three games for the Panthers were played in North Carolina against region rivals Grand Valley State and Ashland University. Chayka started his season right by being on base in every single game out of the three that were played. He proved why he can hold down a spot in the lineup every day. On the weekend White chocolate had five hits in just twelve at bats bringing his batting average to a dangerous .417. He also scored twice, with one run batted in, and a double.


Number 0 did a lot of damage against the Findlay Oilers and it would be safe to say they were not expecting the wreckage Chayka brough to the field in those four games. Before this series in fifteen games he had the batting average of .352 which is outstanding in the baseball world. In the first game he found himself on base three times out of his five plate appearances with one hit and two walks. He then scored twice in that game and had one run batted in. In the next three games his where he blew the cover off the ball and hit Findlay be surprise. He ended the four game series having eight hits in sixteen at bats which is hitting .500 on the weekend. Chayka ended up scoring nine times, had seven runs batted in, two doubles and a triple. After this crazy weekend of baseball for Chayka, he brought his overall batting average up to a stunning .386. this is making him one of the scariest hitters in the G-MAC.