Spotlight: Chase Andrews

Dalton Ney , Staff Writer

If you are ever walking on Kentucky Wesleyan Colleges campus on a weekend day and hear loud music blaring “I ride a black Tornado, through the Western Sky.” You should know that Chase Andrews is walking up to the plate. Andrews known as Chaser or the Gorilla on our team is the Catcher for the panthers and holds down the pitching staff. He is not someone any pitcher wants to see coming up to hit either, because this man is a barrel machine. He currently is ranked third in the double’s category for the conference with 11 doubles on this season in 20 games.


Going into this weekend series against Ohio Valley Andrews was in what some would say some sort of a slump. He prevailed and overcame the obstacle ahead of him in this weekend to where he needed to be when it came to hitting. Chaser ended this series hitting five doubles against Ohio Valley making his total end up at 7 doubles on the year in only 9 games. At the end of this weekend Andrews had a hot batting average of .343 bring it up around 50 points from the past weekend against Northwoods College.


Before this weekend against Findlay University, the panthers took on Lake Erie College where Chaser did not have his best stuff in the box. He ended that weekend still having five runs batted in and only one double to make his total being 8 on the season. After this weekend, the Panthers traveled to Findlay Ohio. This is where Andrews came alive having one or more hits in all the four games played that weekend. He ended up getting seven hits out of the eighteen at bats that he had. Out of these seven hits, Andrews knocked in seven runs and added to his doubles this weekend by hitting three. This made his doubles on the season at ten doubles in nineteen games.


After playing in 23 games Andrews now is third in the entire conference in doubles at eleven. His eleven doubles is right behind 13 and 14, but the people who have that many doubles have also played more games then the panthers have. He currently has a batting average of .318, 11 doubles, and 30 runs batted in. To say the least if you are a pitcher and you see this man walking up to the plate I would be scared. With that being said, if you ever hear “I ride a black Tornado, through the Western Sky.” Just know Andrews is coming to the plate with a mission on his mind to get the job done.