Spotlight: Cody Bridges

Dalton Ney , Staff Writer

The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

His name is Cody Bridges if you have ever heard of him. He might be the oldest student on campus and happily a part of the Kentucky Wesleyan College Baseball team. Bridges his in his sixth here at KWC and currently holds the total hit record in baseball for KWC with 257 hits and we are only halfway through his last season as a Panther. If you have ever attended a Panther baseball game this man Cody is lights out and a blast to watch on the field. He is currently hitting .439 this season in 82 at bats with 36 hits to his name. He could be considered the Hit King here at KWC and in the conference.


Bridges started the year off hot like everyone expected him to by getting two hits out of the four at bats he had in the first game. This already put him at a .500 batting average. The next two games he ended up getting three more hits in his next eleven at bats which brought his batting average lower to .333 but still got at least one hit in those past two games. This may have lit a fire in him because he started to pick it up when conference play started.


This four-game series against conference rival Ohio Valley College is where Cody started to make his mark on the hitting stats and earn him a dangerous threat when he comes up to the plate. In the first game alone Bridges went four for four, scoring twice, and also having two runs batted in. The panthers ended up smacking down on Ohio Valley and sweeping making our record 4-0 in conference play. With the help of Bridges having 12 hits in 17 at bats with 6 runs batted in the four games played. This series brought his batting average up to .452 which is the highest in the conference and on our team.


This man Bridges is currently on a hot streak when it comes to standing in the box with a bat in his hand. He has gone the past nine games getting at least one hit in each game starting against Lake Erie during the second game of that series. He has now been on base every single game since then. In his last 9 games Bridges has had 17 hits in his last 48 at bats making his overall batting average at .439 making this man a force in the box and not someone to take lightly when pitching too.

Bridges is electric to watch, if you ever get the chance to catch a KWC baseball game look for number 35 because he will most likely be somewhere on base swinging his hips.