Phillip Adams Shooting

Alijah McGhee , Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard already, a tragedy has sparked again. Former NFL player Phillip Adams fatally shot five people including a prominent doctor, his wife, and their two grandchildren before killing himself early Thursday. As harsh as this may sound investigators have yet to find a motive behind such crime. With the grandchildren being five and nine, there was a sixth victim that was shot and critically injured. He is currently in the hospital fighting for his life. Why you may ask, can someone commit such a horrible crime like this.

It was said to be that Dr. Robert Lesslie had operated on Phillips. Phillips (32) was a seventh round draft pick out of South Carolina State, and played 6 seasons in the NFL and played in 78 games. He suffered a severe ankle injury that ended his career as a 49er. He suffered 2 concussions. Though he suffered these head injuries it was not made clear that he had long lasting conditions related to these concussions. Adams’ father told television reporters that football messed his son up which is which was why he did what he did on Wednesday. He said he blames football. Phillips’ agent says that he had to be in a bad state of mind because Adams was not like this. He was dedicated to the game and worked hard as a player.

Before covid hit Phillip Adams and former Dallas Cowboy who trained Phillip said he didn’t drink or do drugs. As for Dr Lesslie, he was the founder of two urgent cares, and traveled the country giving lectures to emergency nurses groups. He was a pronounced author where he wrote a weekly column in the medical observer where he wrote several volumes on how to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight loss.

Adams was found in a home down the road from the crime scene he was inside with his mother who he wanted to be safe. Police surrounded the house and told Adams to come out and promised his mothers safety. Once Adam’s mother was outside he took his own life. This was labeled as a mass shooting, another one this year. People said they never thought something like this could happen in Rock Hill, South Carolina.