Campus Covid-19 Update

Mack Guice, Staff Writer

Communities all across the country are still adjusting to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently at Kentucky Wesleyan College, we’ve been on the usual day to day routine where we take a daily survey to let the administration know if we are feeling sick. This is followed up with having our temperature taken before we get involved in any group activities. Students who feel sick or have any type of symptoms are sent to quarantine in isolated dorms on the far end of the campus.

Nothing has changed for that as far as protocol; however, with cases dropping the campus has been giving students more freedom. In terms of group gatherings and parties, large group gatherings are not allowed but students have been allowed to have at least one guest in their rooms now.

Athletic clubs around campus have also been able to increase the number of people allowed in the weight rooms and locker rooms at one time. There haven’t been any major concerns for cases on campus so students have been following protocol for the most part. The school hasn’t made any precautions or requirements to have the vaccine taken here on campus so that is yet to be determined.

In Owensboro, institutions have begun taking the proper protocols as the country moves forward with initiative to distribute the vaccine for the virus. The Owensboro Health Department and hospital have made the COVID vaccine available to health workers, first responders , and the general population above the age of 50. The vaccine is somewhat limited so government officials have felt it best to target those who have been affected by the virus.

As the pandemic has been traveling, the state of Kentucky has had a major decrease in new cases. In Davies County alone new cases have decreased by nearly 3,000 since the end of November. This is a major step forward as communities try to control the outbreak of the virus and prevent new cases from rising.

Stores and facilities are still required to follow mask protocol issued by the state laws as the transitions are being made through this pandemic. US Congress has recently planned an official plan that will allow the  congress to distribute the vaccine at a reasonable rate. Owensboro is keeping updates on when and where they will be distributing the vaccine when it is made available.