Hybrid Learning in All its Glory

Maddie Coleman, Staff Writer

Being a senior, I am not accustomed to the COVID rules put in place. I still find it funny that people are not allowed to be normal college students. With saying that, I understand the rules that have been put in place are for the common good of the bigger picture. It is frustrating to see the decline of knowledge that I should be gaining, considering this being my final year. COVID has sent the world through a whirlwind of emotions and feelings and we are coping the best that we can.

I have never been a fan of online learning, nor will I ever be its number one supporter. However, I do not mind the hybrid learning. Coming into classes once week allows me to pick up more hours working, while also creating longer deadline periods for homework and note taking . With all of this inconsistency though, I have realized that I am losing more and more motivation as the semester comes to an end. I have hit my, what I like to call “Burnt Out”, phase a lot sooner than normal. I dread doing any sort of homework, or really anything that involves a lot of effort. This has been reflected in my studies and I have always been the type to stress over my grades. Considering that finals week is quickly approaching, my “Burn Out” phase as switched from something along the lines of procrastination to something that involves an “Action Plan”. I will be working day and night to get my grades where I want them to be, I will color code everything into my planner to make sure that I do not miss any deadlines, and lastly my final papers will be so beautiful that I hope my professors shed a few tears.

The switch from normal classes to hybrid learning has hit upperclassmen that most. It seems to happen at least every other day that my friends and I complain about something along the lines of hybrid learning, or school in general. We are frustrated and grumpy that this year is so different from years prior. Not only do I think students are struggling with this way of learning, professors are not getting a grip either. Some of my professors are high strung and are still assigning the same amount of work as if we were attending class three times a week. This is irrational considering that I have no idea what I am doing and sorry, but a Zoom call just doesn’t do any justice for me. While we have professors on that end of the spectrum, there are some on the complete opposite end. Professors are, for lack of a better word, lazy when it comes to grading. I get it, this year is hard and if I had to work from home, I would choose watching a movie or napping before I would ever choose to grade 50 papers. At the end of the day though, it is not doing the students any good if they aren’t getting the same energy from their teachers as they are expected to give in the classroom.

Personally, I think that hybrid learning just needs some fine tuning and eventually will get to a place that is beneficial for everyone. I could see this type of learning going in a really strong direction, but only practice makes perfect.