Merely Existing in a Worldwide Pandemic

Maddie Coleman, Staff Writer

As a reporter for Kentucky Wesleyan College, it is important to understand the new regulations put in place throughout campus. The prevention of COVID-19 follows along the lines of wearing a mask, social distancing, and offering remote online learning. Getting the input from students can only improve the regulations put in place. But how are the students feeling, considering this year is like no other? Is there more anxiety within the classroom? Do students feel they are doing better with the different learning styles? How are living situations effecting your day to day life? Reports from your local RA, Maddie Coleman, and interviewee, Ethan Holt, several questions will be answered.

Coleman: “Considering the fact that you’re a Sophomore this school year, how is your experience this year compared to your Freshman year?”

Holt: “It is very different this year because I am not allowed to socialize with friends as I was before. In the sense, we cannot hang out in each other’s rooms or socialize in large groups in a small area without a mask on. Even common areas are very limited with the number of people allowed.”

Coleman: “How has COVID-19 affected your day to day life on campus?”

Holt: “You must wear a mask and seating is limited in most areas around campus. There are several guidelines that everyone must follow and sometimes it is hard to remember what it was like before.”

Coleman: “What is something you took for granted pre-corona virus?”

Holt: “I regret not going out with friends more. I miss the social opportunities we had around town and all-around campus.”

Coleman: “Do you agree with the regulations put in place?”

Holt: “No, you can’t control a college adult from acting like a child. People are going to always break the rules and it is unfair that some people are laxer with the rules, while others are very strict.”

Coleman: “Have your grades suffered with the new learning style? How so?”

Holt: “I am doing much better this semester than in previous semesters. With the classes being online, it gives me more time throughout the day to focus and get more homework done.”

Coleman: “Do you think Wesleyan is doing enough to keep their students safe? If not, give some suggestions.”

Holt: “Although I do not like the regulations put in place, I do think Wesleyan is doing their part in keeping people safe. I do not fear of getting the virus because Wesleyan is taking care of business.”