Childish Ways

Jeremy Henderson, Staff Writer

Can you really apply your childhood to your adult life? When you were a tiny tot, you probably poked sticks at fire ants and squeezed the juice out of worms. You did kid stuff like making bike ramps and playing in water sprinklers. What you learned from all that kid stuff is applicable today hopefully. Remember putting teeth under your pillow for the tooth fairy? There’s the gashes in your knees from wild bike rides and the recollection of the pain of a bee sting. Some of us still do some of that kid stuff. Hopefully, you do not sit in front a video game or a smartphone all day. Drinking soda as a kid turned into coffee as an adult. Eating colorful foods for the sake of color turned into a routine of cheesy broccoli, carrots, and red potatoes. Eating went from fun to a necessity for dear life and health.

What you take from your childhood affects you the rest of your life. When you grabbed a dog by the tail, you quickly learned that the act causes a bite. When you disobeyed your mom, you quickly learned that the act causes a smack. Kid stuff is extremely important. Kid stuff prevents you from problems later on in life like a criminal record, public embarrassment, and even a life sentence in a maximum security prison. If you never fell off your bike, you would have not learned that bikes can be dangerous. If you never screamed funny remarks during church, you would never have learned that such behavior is very rude. The kid stuff can keep from getting into deep trouble and even prevent death.

As a child you probably kept a diary. It is always a good idea to go back and read about your past experiences. Remember what your crush did when you spilled hot chocolate on his or her new Nike shirt? Remember what your kindergarten teacher did when you smacked her on the butt with a ruler? Can you not remember what your neighbor did when you set his garage on fire with a book of matches? Most importantly, what happened when you walked into the school dance wearing roller skates? That was a bad idea!

When you are a kid you have to sweat the small stuff in order prevent the big stuff. For example, if you cough without covering your mouth as an adult, you are probably going to get stared at in public. If you walk outside without pants, you are probably going to turn some heads as an adult. As an adult, certain expectations are thrown your way like bathing. Are you drying off after a long hot shower, or are you running around soaked? As an adult, the bumper car experience can be fun at county fair. Nevertheless, you would not want experience it on the interstate next to a tractor trailer. As a productive adult in society, kid stuff can really come into play. For example, when you throw rocks at cars in the grocery store parking lot, somebody might call the police on you. Kid stuff is silly, but without it we would all be on death row. You pushed your sister off of a slide when you were six and jumped down on top of her. If you do that now, she is probably going suffer a few broken bones and a bleeding lung.

In conclusion, when you see an adult acting like a spoiled child you can assume that kid stuff did not help the person. You could assume that they did not keep a diary under their mattress. You can look at such a person and say, “I feel sorry for you.” When you walk around campus and notice trash on the floor, you can assume that whoever did that had no mom or dad to teach them how untidiness affects the environment. Kid stuff could have taught that litterbug that when milk is left out it spoils.