Help is Out There

Jeremy Henderson, Staff Writer

People never think to ask for help with small setbacks and gigantic issues in life. You cannot do everything yourself all the time. Sometimes, you have to ask for help. You cannot buy a skateboard on Amazon without someone on the other end to mail it to you. You cannot videotape a marathon without somebody constructing a video camera for you to purchase. You cannot build a video camera without somebody making the parts for it. Sometimes, you need help and you have to ask for it. When you are job hunting, you need a full plan. You might need another perspective to bring the entire picture into light. When you are injured on the job, you need a doctor. When you are lost, you need a guide. When you are falling off a skyscraper, you need a parachute!

You need to learn how and when to ask for help. You need to know why you are asking for help. Also, you need to have an idea of what help can accomplish for you. Most importantly, you need to figure out who or what can help you best with your dilemma. You do not want to ask a smoker to help you quit smoking cigarettes. You do not want to ask a lazy person to help you move a couch. You definitely do not want to ask your supervisor if he or she can do your job for you. What I mean is you need to get organized before you approach potential help.

Write down your goals and problems to understand your situation better. Tweak your list over a week of thoughts. If you are pressed for time, you can always skip this step. When you are ready to ask for help, you will have a list of goals and problems. You will also know who or what can address each point. Maybe you need one person to help you or ten different people. Maybe you just need a computer with an Internet connection. Maybe your problems are not that bad, and you were crying in bed for nothing the past week.

Do not underestimate or overestimate your problems. Also, you should never consider your problems to be nothing or meaningless. Do not think of a serious issue as something that time will handle. Time can trick you and make the problem worse. If money is your problem, do not lose sleep. Money comes and goes and comes again. Money grows wings and flies away. Suddenly, it falls back into your lap.

If love is your problem, do not kill yourself with worry. If you show yourself loving and friendly, you will attract love and friends. I bet no stupid horoscope ever told you that. If you smile right, you can expect the right smile. If you complain all the time, people are going to start complaining about you.

It is the simple things in life that can help you the most. Eat healthy, exercise, socialize, work hard, and make plans to do rewarding activities. It is possible that you can help you a long way. Brush your teeth, hold a baby, sing a song, and then go clean your attic. The cobwebs in your mind get wiped out when you round up those spider webs and dust around the house.

Sometimes, the greatest help you can receive is a straightforward answer. If you do not understand your homework from class, go to tutoring. If you need extra money, get a temporary job. If you need a girlfriend, ask a girl out. If you need food, learn how to cook spaghetti. If you need to go to sleep early, buy some melatonin or drink cherry juice. If you need a new toaster, go to Menards and get a heavy-duty one.

Finally, if you have a problem that no one can seem to help you with, I have a solution. I know a guy who fixes problems like that all the time. His name is Jesus Christ. He works miracles.