The Future of KWC Football

Corey Johnson Jr., Staff Writer

This year was a new era for the Kentucky Wesleyan program a lot of new changes occurred for the 36th year football program. Head coach, Craig Yeast, and his panther team struggled throughout the season. The panthers went 1-10 on the 2019 season winning their last game against Alderson Broadus. There were plenty of ups and down that took place, but each week the panthers fought hard and the team definitely showed perseverance during the season.

After the season coach Craig Yeast shared a few words about their season, he was excited but also had chip on his shoulder, ready to prepare for next season. After the last game of the season, an outstanding win against Alderson Broadus, Coach Yeast stated, “I thought that was the epitome of the season, to go through all the things that we went through, and for us to go out in the last game of the year, and finally put it all together, it was an excellent team win,” said Coach Yeast.

In an interview, Coach Yeast also stated, “It felt really good for me, but more importantly, I was really happy for our coaches and our players, I felt that they really deserved to win, and we got one at the end, and we finished the season 1-0, which is our goal. Moving forward it’s all about being 1-0 every single day from here on. Yeast’s plans on teaching his team this off-season and hitting the recruiting trail where he says he’s focused on finding football players that want to help his team win”.

Yeast has huge plans for the Kentucky Wesleyan program, he and his coaching staff all believe they can change the culture here at Wesleyan. For the next season, they are looking at it as a redemption year. A year to get back and prove what the Wesleyan program can really be after much practice and close attention to flaws within the  program.

The panthers have a group of guys returning back for next season, free safety Raymond Jackson, offensive lineman Kairus Washington, quarterback Wiley Cain, defensive lineman Dalan Cofer, and linebacker Jalen Humphries. These guys were mentioned Great Midwest Athletic Conference Honorable-Mention players of the 2019 season.

The panthers also have guys that stood out this season, who made a lot of plays and will be big going into next season, rover line backer Jalen Wilson, wide receiver Peyton Peters, defensive lineman RJ Wilson, and many more players that stood out. Also, I had a chance to talk to Yeast about the recruiting process for next season, “just getting guys in that again, want to win I feel like finding stouter offensive lineman to help the run game will be very helpful for next season. I believe that this will be one of the best recruiting classes that the Kentucky Wesleyan program has ever had”.

Big things are ahead for the Kentucky Wesleyan football program, a lot of changes and the new forming of the culture is planning to be uplifted. The support from the school, fans, and the community has grown for the program, and with that the football program will grow more efficiently sooner than possible.