Finding Success Off the Field

La'Darius Dunn, Staff Writer


Going into the season, every team has their on expectations of the season. Even if it is to grow stronger as a team or to win a certain amount of games. This particular football season was looked at as the development season because the KWC football team has a lot of young athletes that can really play. We also have a whole new coaching staff that are going to change the culture of Kentucky Wesleyan Football, and it takes a little time to get comfortable.

To say the least, in my opinion, this is the best KWC team we’ve had in the past couple of years. Despite the record this year, it’s relieving to know that next year is right around the corner for us. From the outside looking in things may look pretty bad but on the inside, the team is positive and know we’re going to be okay. Because the type of leadership the coaches bring in, they push the football players to a different standard that goes beyond football. We’re focused on being competitively great on and off the field, which means going to class everyday, doing right by people, and serving the community.

From a media standpoint, nobody really cares about the things that we do off the field. But, we also focus more on winning in academics so that all of our players graduate and are able to change their lives with a college degree instead of just playing football. Things don’t always go the way we want them to in life and I think our young guys have a good idea about that now, so going into the next season with just a little bit of experience helps a lot.

This year we only have about five seniors so we have a whole team full of young people. For some reason when you don’t have success you experience negative energy from people because they don’t know what we’re going through on the inside as a team. Negative energy has infected the last few Kentucky Wesleyan football teams even when we were winning or losing.

Now even with the young guys we still find some way to have a positive outlook on the season. Everything happens for a reason in our eyes. The standards that were once set by people on past teams has changed and the perception of the KWC team has changed. In my opinion this is the best coaching staff we have had according to team achievement off the field and grades rates, which is more important than just winning because we’re student-athletes which mean we’re students before we’re athletes.

Disregarding the season we’re having, we could still find success in different things that would push us further in life than just football. With all of that being said, I think the Kentucky Wesleyan College football team has a chance of changing the culture of the school within the next couple of years and as far as the head coach goes, we are in the best position that we could be in.