Cell Phones: Necessity or Distraction in School Environment?

Andy Santana, Staff Writer

American school systems are facing a new technological threat in the modern age. Cell phones have become detrimental to teachers, students, and the overall school environment. Although, many argue that cell phones are a modern necessity that can be used to enhance the learning experience and keep students informed for their safety. However, if you consider total phone usage in school, most of it is not school-related. The safety argument doesn’t mean children are safer with their phones, it just makes them aware of potential dangers (which can also be achieved through school intercom and alarms); which is why I believe this argument is flawed. Ultimately, cellphones in high schools aren’t a necessity, but rather a commodity for students.

Being a teacher in America can be one of the most challenging and complicated jobs in the nation. Trying to teach hundreds of kids a year is tough but teaching a boring subject uniquely and interestingly is even tougher. Cell phones in class make teaching much harder. Teachers are trying to get through the curriculum while constantly being stopped to address phone use. It also gives teachers another thing to look out for (that’s not teaching) and that can sometimes be stressful, especially if students are regularly having to be told to put them away. On occasion, the teacher may let students use their cellphone for assignments, but I don’t think the pros outweigh the cons.

Students in America probably don’t see anything wrong with having cell phones and worry about their rights being violated (in regard to banning cell phones). This is understandable because I had a cell phone when I was attending high school. But in hindsight, I can see how damaging having a cell phone can be. Whenever class was boring, I would go on my phone or I would often get bothered in class with notifications and texts; that would end up as long conversations. Cellphones are a part of who you are. They can be extremely hard to let go of, but it can also be a great life lesson for teens.

Cell phones have made school life almost unbearable for teens which sometimes can lead to irreversible consequences. News in school travels fast and topics usually involve rumors, gossip, and anything with novelty; typically, bad. Cell phones have made bullying the daily norm in high schools. It is true that banning cell phones can’t stop bullying, but it ​can​ prevent and delay bullying because people won’t be able to capture embarrassing moments or have the chance to post them during school. Phones have made high school a hostile environment that brings upon unnecessary stress for teens. Maybe banning cell phones can be a step in the right direction to making teenage years a little bit more bearable.

In conclusion, cell phones are hurting schools all around the country and having a ban on them is the only way to solve that problem. Mobile devices are making the teacher’s ability to teach more challenging, and they disrupt classrooms. Students should be able to sit in class and focus without having to be burdened with texts or distracted by their cell phones. Lastly, banning them will potentially ease the anxiety, stress, and complexity that every high schooler faces, as well as making school a less negative place. Cell phones have a tremendously negative impact on school and this can easily be taken away by banning them in high schools.