Campus Parking

Alexa Davis, Staff Writer

Lack of parking on a college campus is an issue as old as time, especially at bigger universities. In the past, Kentucky Wesleyan has been able to avoid huge issues with parking due to a low student body and many out of state residents that don’t bring their car. But with the past two classes bringing in record breaking numbers, with an increase of 15% in the last year, KWC parking capacity might be full.

The current 2019-2012 school year has brought in a record breaking 840 students which in comparison to our previous years gives the school hope. KWC’s interim President Dr. Gene Tice was quoted on the school’s website saying that “Our Admissions team has continued to successfully recruit students who want to be a part of the momentum here, and everyone plays a role in the innovative retention programs we have introduced and continue to develop….” While it is great that admissions have been successful in bringing in so many students, what has the school done to prepare for this influx of people? Not a single thing has been expanded on campus in years and with growing numbers of students coming to campus this lack of adjustment can lead to conflicts.

The main conflict currently being parking on campus, especially at resident buildings. Kendall is one of the nicest dorms on campus so logically most rooms are full, but the parking lot can fit maybe 30 cars. While there is the baseball lot on the street over students have found even struggle finding parking there due to HRC overflow. Faculty, bystanders, coaches, and anyone else who may teach or partake in a sporting event in the HRC must use either Peeples’ or Kendall’s parking lot when the slim area of road parking is full. So, if there is a volleyball match in the HRC any student who needs to go off campus won’t have a parking spot when they return due to no parking for the gym. The same issue is occurring at every dorm: Stadium residents parking is taken by soccer or little league parents, Massie parking is taken over by high school football, and Deacon parking is taken over by commuters at Winchester and admin. Despite the lack of parking and the number of events held on campus, officials even increased the price of a parking ticket from 10 to 50 dollars. Maybe instead of increasing tickets, KWC should look into expanding campus parking or regulate on the number of cars on campus.