Paws Up for Panther Football

Corey Johnson , Staff Writer

Saturday September 8, 2019, the Kentucky Wesleyan’s football program opened their 2019-2020 season against Concordia Ann Harbor. Craig Yeast, and his new coaching staff started their new era of KWC football. There was quite a bit change of the atmosphere at Steele Stadium, the Panthers changed their home sideline onto the away side of the field into the purple bleacher stands. I believe Yeast’s new strategies is to change Wesleyan football for the best.

From the looks of Saturday, I believe Wesleyan is a new football team from the previous years, although they came up short and Concordia taking the ball game 17-14. They look solid in some places that they never where before, especially before head coach Craig Yeast came along. New coaches, new uniforms, new players, new fans, there is something great cooking up in the KWC football program and Saturday I seen a lot of improvement and there is a lot of space for great opportunities within the program.

The Concordia Cardinals came into Steele stadium ranked the #6 team in the nation of the NAIA program, Concordia made an appearance in the semi-finals of the National NAIA football tournament. Easily the cardinals were no slouch they were a tough team who was well coached and sharp on all perimeters of their football team. Concordia had over 10 seniors returned to their program on both sides of the ball including three of them being pre-season All Americans.

The young panthers did not store away, though they came up short, but they did hold the national ranked NAIA team to their lowest scoring game since their head coach has been hired. About the KWC defense they showed a lot of effectiveness throughout the game they were quick and fast to the ball and they covered the pass game very well. The KWC defense has a lot of astonishing players on their side of the ball, they made a lot of plays and created a lot of opportunities for the offense.

Speaking on KWC’s offense they started off quite slow, they couldn’t put a complete drive together in the first half of the game. The panthers had multiple three and out drives throughout the first half as well. After halftime the panther’s offense came together and made positive consecutive drives following up to a 60yard touchdown pass from freshman quarterback Wiley Caine to the redshirt sophomore De’Ondre Boggs. That gave the panthers a spark which put them to 14-17, although the panthers still came up short their offense began to find pieces to the puzzle and proved that Yeast’s offense can be a dominating one throughout the remainder of their season.

I had a chance to interview KWC’s defensive MVP Jalen Wilson who recorded 2 interceptions and 5 solo tackles he had an amazing game and stood out amongst everyone. I had the opportunity to ask him a couple questions about the game and here’s what he had to say. “Honestly, I feel like we played a good game, even though we lost I still seen a lot of positive things from this team on both sides of the ball. We look like a better team from the previous years since I been here at KWC. If we continue to play how we did today, with fixing some of the small mistakes we made, I believe that our season will be good this year and I’m excited to see what’s in store for us along the way.”

I agree with Mr. Wilson, from the things I seen I know that this KWC football team is different from the previous years. Better coached, great discipline, and more athletes who can make plays; they only way for the panthers is up, and if they continue to buy-in into Coach Yeast’s new system then they will reach the goals set out for them. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the KWC football program, and I hope you are as well.