Hurricane Dorian Hits Hard

Bailey Woodall, Staff Writer

Hurricane season is here and starting off as strong as ever. On August 23rd, Hurricane Dorian started forming as a tropical storm and turned into a hurricane on August 25th. Every hurricane starts out as a tropical storm, when it reaches a certain speed of wind is when it becomes a hurricane. A lot of people do not realize this concept, myself included until I dug into further research. Hurricanes also have different categories. This tells us how bad and destructive each hurricane going to be. Category one is the least destructive and category five is the most destructive category of a hurricane.

Hurricane Dorian reached a category five hurricane. That means it was going to be catastrophic to anything in its path. The Bahamas got the worst of it. Yes, this is known to be a beautiful vacation spot, but it’s still a place that holds families, childhood homes, schools, and much more. Dorian lingered over the Bahamas for a full forty-eight hours. It killed over forty people.

When this Tropical Storm first turned into a Hurricane, it hit the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. It was only a category one at this point. There were power outages and wind damage, but nothing major was destroyed. Many issues with Dorian are that many people are feeling PTSD, a lot of these areas were just hit by Hurricane Maria in September of 2017. These areas such as Puerto Rico, Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands are beautiful places to live but there’s always risk of dangerous storms when it comes hurricane season. Many people who live in these areas deal with rebuilding their homes and lives every few years after a catastrophic storm hits.