Growing Up – One Student’s Perspective

Andy Santana, Staff Writer

Growing up isn’t about age, background, or the situation someone is in. It is about knowing yourself, understanding your past and how it has positively and negatively affected your present-self, and also the things that drive your future self. Many things make you an “adult”, like turning 18, having unexpected kids at a young age, or even living on your own – but do they truly make you an adult?

I don’t believe that turning 18 makes you into an adult. It only means the government thinks you’re old enough to make important decisions on your own. Maturity doesn’t have an age, it just how long it takes someone to fully understand yourself and the world around you. One may reach full maturity when they’re 15, or even 35. It’s just a matter of how long it takes, but also how willing someone is to figure out who they are. Some people may never understand themselves and live their whole lives confused and unsatisfied.

One instance that may give individuals the sense of being grown, is having children. Sure, many full-fledged adults have families but having children can’t force you to grow up. I don’t think anyone that had unexpected kids really want grow up. They have to sacrifice a lot of the things they enjoy the most, even though they don’t want to. They are forced to act like adults even though they don’t want to. Having children doesn’t make you an adult, it just forces you to do things you don’t want to.

Another thing that gives people the impression of being adults is living on their own. Although living on your own does give a lot of valuable life experiences like financing, home responsibilities, and self-care but again it does not make you an adult. Living on your own with an immature mindset can hinder your ability to grow because there is no one to say what’s right or wrong. You are left alone with your vices and it becomes really hard to grow in a situation like that. Although it’s not impossible if other people are living with you that see your flaws or bad behaviors they can certainly help you change them. Which will ultimately help you become an adult because it helps you see your flaws and better understand yourself?

Growing up is one of the toughest things to do in life because it means knowing who you are. People can say turning a certain age, having kids, or even living on your own is what makes you an adult, but it simply isn’t true. Growing up is about knowing yourself, loving the good things about yourself and fixing the bad, but most importantly wanting to be the best person you can be and knowing why. Not being a grown-up isn’t a bad thing it just an extremely hard thing to do. It takes effort but even moreover a lot of self-analyzing and soul searching. I think the meaning of being an adult has kind of been wrapped and given people the false impression that if you are hardworking and responsible you are an adult, which I don’t agree with.