Shady “Stadi’s” Bright Future

Alexa Davis, Staff Writer

As the new year kicks off students are noticing some of the changes that occurred on campus over the summer. One of the major changes being the renovations of the Stadium apartments on campus! Stadium has been an important transition dorm for students at KWC, they offer an apartment living style with the comfort of still being on campus. Compared to the two people per room requirement of the other dorms, stadium offers a private room for two of the four living in each apartment. In the past, people had to give up modern fixtures and cleanliness for privacy, but this summer might have changed that.

The first notable renovation is one that any on-looker would notice, the front yard. Previously stadium’s front yard was a mud infested mess where grass should have been, but now the grass is replaced with rocks. This change might seem odd or even unnecessary, but to the residents living in stadium they now don’t have to worry about ruining new shoes or tracking mud into their rooms! This feature will allow easier access for residents to their car from their room without having to damage any grass or take any extra time to walk to the only sidewalk in the center of the dorm’s walkway.

Inside the stadium apartments,  many upgrades were sprinkled in each room. As you first enter the apartments, residents will notice the brand-new blue carpet that goes all along the suite. The new carpet was a much-needed upgrade, creating an open feel and eliminating any previous odors left behind. Along with odor free flooring, stadiums living rooms updates include new blinds in the front windows. One of the most needed and appreciated updates were the new bed frames and mattresses, in the past there were reports of mold forming on the previous mattresses due to age and the humid climate. Now, new residents get the satisfaction of taking off the wrapping of their brand-new mattress and have zero worries about who might have slept there before them! The biggest improvement is in the most used room in stadium, the bathroom! Before the renovations, there were dated mirrors with storage behind them and old cracked sinks that did not drain. Now, there is a brand-new updated vanity and sink that are illuminated by the new lights installed above the updated mirror. This update not only creates a minimal and trendy feel but also allows for more space within the bathroom. “Compared to last year the bathrooms look so new and clean, I really wish they did these improvements sooner”, commented previous stadium resident, Khorynne Weaver.

Unlike the other dorms on campus, stadium is adjacent to campus on its own road behind the tennis courts. This location can cause some security fears for both parents and residents where there might not have been some before previously. In order to make sure its students feel safe in stadium, each suite received brand new doors. This update was a huge need, previous doors were cracked or had the handles falling off. Some residents now have commented on how tight and secure the new doors are now, “I have to slam my door sometimes to keep it shut which is really nice in comparison to how it was the first week here. I could see the living room through a hole above the doorknob, I definitely sleep better with the new doors”, junior Emma Johnson stated. Kentucky Wesleyan has always prided itself on being a small and safe campus, but safety is still of importance to the facility at KWC and improvements like these really show that.

Every day here at Kentucky Wesleyan there is a team of people trying to make this campus a better place, stadium’s renovations are a prime example of the changes happening. To some a few new beds and carpet might not seem like much, but to residents at Stadium hall these renovations make all the difference in their quality of life. It is even rumored that there might be even more unknown changes and new furniture added next year, although not confirmed news yet. With continuing upgrades Kentucky Wesleyan’s “Shady Stadi” might not be so shady for much longer.