Outsider’s Perspective of Owensboro

Andy Santana , Staff Writer

This was my first year at Kentucky Wesleyan College, living in Owensboro, and even my first time ever visiting the state of Kentucky, so I am not yet fully accustomed to it. I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life, so coming to Owensboro was a major change of pace. Daily life, scenery and architecture, and the people and attitudes of both cities are drastically different. Living near the 3rd largest city in the United States (with almost 3 million people), to moving to a town of 53,000 people is quite a change. Owensboro energy is a lot more calm and peaceful. Its mornings are quiet and relaxing compared to the loud and busy streets of Chicago. Here in Owensboro, you hardly see people walking or biking to get to work, but in Chicago that’s practically all you see. There’s hundreds of cyclists flooding the streets of Chicago (thinking they’re cars) and thousands of busy people trying to walk to work and not get hit by those bikers and other cars. I’ve also noticed that it is much louder in general in Chicago than Owensboro, especially at night. Even the sky and ground is way different for both cities. In Owensboro, the sky is a lot more open and feels bigger and wider, while in Chicago there’s always a big building or structure obstructing your view. The ground is really flat in Owensboro compared to Chicago’s more rigid terrain.

Another huge difference from the Illinois and Kentucky cities is the scenery and architecture. Chicago is a beautiful city with many gorgeous buildings and modern structures, specifically downtown Chicago. The buildings are constantly getting remodeled and roads are often getting repaved. In downtown Owensboro, you get a lot of nice looking buildings and an amazing boardwalk with a magnificent view of the Ohio River. However, its reminds me of typical nice looking suburbs outside Chicago. Also, downtown Owensboro is the size of Millennium Park (Chicago) which is a very small part of downtown Chicago.

Lastly, one of the biggest difference between these cities is the people. Throughout my time here in Owensboro, I’ve noticed that people seem very conservative and a lot more family oriented. There’s not much racial diversity, but folks here are very nice and friendly, as they make you feel like family and are very kind and helpful. On the contrary, Chicago is very multicultural and the people have many different beliefs, backgrounds and ideologies. Chicago is the home of many types of people — sometimes you can meet the most amazing person, but other times you can come across a real jerk. In addition, Chicagoans are a lot more free spirited and crazier than the people of Owensboro.

To sum up, Owensboro and Chicago are two completely different cities with different people. The energy of both cities differ drastically, the architecture and quality varies between the major city of Chicago and the small beauty of Owensboro, and the greatest difference is the people that occupy these beloved cities. Chicago was an amazing place to grow up and live in, as there is opportunity and fun in every corner. All my family and friends live in Chicago, so picking between the two cities wouldn’t be fair. However, Owensboro has been really good to me. I’ve met many great people and made tons of new friends from around the country, so It would be wrong for me to not give Owensboro the credit and gratitude it deserves. I’ve had a great time here and can’t wait to come back next year.