Let’s Talk About Internships at KWC

Jonah White , Staff Writer

As someone who is graduating at the end of this spring semester, I did what probably every other senior has done or was forced to do at some point in their final stretch of their collegiate career: I looked back on what brought me to this point. I thought about the plenty of great things that happened to me, and even the plenty of not so great things that truly helped shape the person that I am today. I, for one, am truly grateful for all of the good and bad experiences that Kentucky Wesleyan has brought me, but there is one thing in particular that really stood out to me, and that is the push and encouragement of taking on an internship that revolves around whatever career field you are interested in. Now I am not sure if every major at KWC requires every one of their students to take an internship. If they do, that’s so great; but if they don’t, then let me be a walking testimony and just say to everyone, take as many internship opportunities as you can get, they will completely help you out in the long run!

Coming into Wesleyan my freshman year, I was a very sheltered kid who went to class, practice, and then straight back into my dorm room to watch Netflix and go to sleep just to repeat that very same thing the very next day. I struggled with the idea of getting out and meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and getting involved with the many activities that Kentucky Wesleyan has to offer for its students. This left me feeling kind of alone for about a year until my good choice of being a Communications major kind of forced me into an internship role. I spent a lot of time looking for opportunities and by the grace of God, a door opened for me with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, in which this sheltered loner was put into a position to get up and speak to students all across the city of Owensboro to share my story and experiences with them and be able to connect with kids who they, themselves, felt alone and felt like nobody else had a similar story as theirs, which I know was a huge blessing for me and hopefully was for them too. After spending my time, I decided that I was being called into ministry, so I picked a Minor in Christian Ministries, and guess what? I needed to take an internship for that as well. I was presented with an opportunity to work at a local church in Owensboro alongside a youth minister to grow and receive more experience in a field I never thought I would be in… ever. The story doesn’t even stop there as after that internship, I received another one back in my hometown. Now, I can go on and on (I’ll save you readers out there from that) about how awesome my experiences were in each and every one of these opportunities I was blessed to be in that all started with the encouragement that Kentucky Wesleyan has when it comes to taking internships. All I know is that, because of my internships and opportunities that the school allowed me to take, I grew out of my shell, became more comfortable with being around others, pushed myself to get more involved on campus, and much, much more.

The reason why I wanted to share my story is because I know there are a lot of students out there who might be struggling with the idea of what they want to do with their life, or might be all in all stuck in that department. I can definitely say that I was in the same boat until I was presented with the idea of internships and what they could do for me. Internships, for me, go so much further than just sitting in a classroom and learning that way. Getting experience in a career field, without technically being full-time in that field, is a great way to find out if that is the path that you want to take. Also, the more internship opportunities you take the more people you meet, and this sparks this neat little idea of networking. The people you meet may recommend you to other people whenever job openings are presented, and having someone’s word may take you much further than someone who is attempting to join that organization by themselves with no help. So all in all, my encouragement for every single person out there is to take any opportunity you can get through practicums or full-blown internships. These opportunities can definitely help you grow as a person and through the experiences that you may receive, and it can go a long way for when you graduate and head into whatever career you feel called to. If you’re looking for credit hours or are interested in getting experience as a whole, do not hesitate to visit the staff on campus that is there to help you find a spot that is perfect for you!