It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Bailey Woodall, Staff Writer

On campus this past week, there were many activities that revolved around suicide awareness and mental health. This is a topic that doesn’t seem to be touched on a lot at Kentucky Wesleyan but is definitely important. People have this view that struggling mentally is wrong and embarrassing, but it’s not.

Mental health is a sensitive topic that has so many different views, as like many other things in the world. Everyone struggles with their mental health in some way, whether it’s depression or anxiety. It’s not something that people feel like they need to hide. Life isn’t easy and nobody can say they haven’t struggled. In my opinion, the world would be a much better place if everyone felt like they had somebody in their corner. The rates of suicide would be much lower.

A certain mindset comes with depression, and that’s feeling alone, feeling like you have nobody on your side. I wish that wasn’t the case. If just one person would notice someone who is a little more down than usual or withdrawing themselves, it might save a life.

College students are living the best years of their lives, but also the most stressful. Focusing on the mental health of students needs to be more important. I love how KWC does the “stress free zones” during finals, but they need to have environments like that more often in my opinion. It’s so heartbreaking that someone may feel they have no other options than to end their life. Be a person that notices someone struggling and reach out. Help anyone and everyone around you.

It’s okay to not be okay.