K-Dub Idol 2019

Brooke Griffin, Staff Writer

Kentucky Wesleyan’s Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) has been hosting K-Dub Idol since 2001. They live stream the event for people who are unable to attend. Each year, there are a total of three rounds that the contestants compete in. Each round has a theme that the contestants have to match their song to. After each round, an email is sent to the student body for them to see who made it to the next round and who needs to be voted for to save. This year’s hosts were Thomas Roth and Selena Coalter.

There were a total of 8 contestants that competed in the first round. They were Peyton Taylor, Seth Bennett, Faith Kaemerer, Isaiah Calalang, Erica Atwood, Jonah Boutell & Austin Pfeffer, Kylo Hicks, Leah Richardson. The first night of K-Dub Idol’s theme was “Songs from the 2000’s.”

The first round this year took place on February 5th at 8:30p.m. in Roger’s Hall. Halfway through the performances there was an intermission that consisted of a dance-off. Two boys and two girls were asked to come on stage. Each student got a chance to show off their moves. The winner was picked by the loudness of the crowd’s cheers when the host pointed to each student. Two finalists were chosen to then have a dance-off with each other. The final winner was once again picked by the loudness of cheers from the crowd. After the dance-off was finished, the remaining contestants continued to perform. Last year’s K-Dub Idol winner, Silvey Benson, also performed.

An email was sent to all of the students at the end of the night telling who made it to the 2nd round and who needed to be voted for to stay in the competition. The acts that made it to round two of K-Dub Idol were Isaiah Calalang, Faith Kaemerer, Jonah Boutell & Austin Pfeffer, Erica Atwood, Seth Bennett, and Leah Richardson. One of the two other acts had to then be voted for to stay in the running. Those acts were Peyton Taylor and Kylo Hicks. Peyton Taylor was voted to stay in.

The 2nd round of K-Dub Idol occurred on Tuesday, February 12th. The theme was “love songs” because it was the week of Valentine’s Day. Halfway through the performances, there was an intermission as there was on the first night, but this time the two boys and two girls had to try to guess the remaining lyrics of a song being played for them. The winner was picked by whoever got the most right. At the end of the night, another email was sent confirming who made it to the final round and who had to be voted through.

Out of the 7 acts that performed, 4 made it through: Isaiah Calalang, Peyton Taylor, Erica Atwood, and Seth Bennett. Students then had to vote to save either Jonah Boutell & Austin Pfeffer, Faith Kaemerer, or Leah Richardson. Jonah & Austin are the ones who were saved to go onto the final round.

The 3rd and final round of K-Dub Idol took place on February 19th, and the theme was “Current Top 100 Billboard Hits.” The first 100 students in line to get in received a free K-Dub Idol t-shirt. Like the previous nights, there was an intermission and it was another dance-off with two boys and two girls.

There was also a guest performance by Lucas Butler. For the final voting process, an email was sent right after the last performer and students then had to vote for who they wanted to be the overall K-Dub Idol winner. While the crowd and judges were waiting for the votes to be in, Lucas performed. Once the votes were in, the judges announced the winner of the 2019 K-Dub Idol as Erica Atwood.