Major Mishap: Choosing a College Major

Bailey Woodall, Staff Writer

In high school, most students have a really good idea what field they want to go in as
adults. That usually leads to these students knowing what they want to study. Me? I had no clue.
I knew I was interested in a couple things: clothes, talking, and being a creative thinker. At
Kentucky Wesleyan College, there isn’t a fashion program but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t
figure out a degree that would lead me into the fashion industry. I also knew that I didn’t want
anything to do with numbers. I hate math, and I thought it was actually going to be the death of me.
(A bit dramatic, I know.)

During high school, there was a show called Scandal playing on T.V.
The main character, Olivia Pope, had the coolest job. She was a public relations specialist. That
means a person controls a company or public figure’s image. If a scandal broke out, it’s that PR
specialist’s job to make sure it’s handled in the best way possible for their client. Something
about that job sparked a fire in me. So, I started researching.

This research led me to deciding my major was going to be public relations and
advertising. To me, it was a perfect fit. I could take advertising into the fashion world or I could
take public relations and work in a public relations firm. It covered two things I was interested
in. I loved all of my classes freshmen year and I was good at them. That was until I decided I
should just go a step up and become a business administration: marketing major for my
sophomore year. BIG mistake. A business degree is more numbers centered. Accounting,
microeconomics, etc. Everything I absolutely hate. I was completely happy my freshman year, so
why did I change? Because a freshman, still a teenager, doesn’t always know what’s best.
That’s okay.

My first semester of my sophomore year was terrible. I hated all my classes and that
made me not enjoy school. Choosing the correct major has such a huge impact on your college
experience. About midway through my first semester of sophomore year, I knew I wanted to
switch back to public relations and advertising. That’s exactly what I did. I just had to survive
the rest of the semester, then I’d be back into my old classes. That gave me a little motivation.

The second semester of my sophomore just began three weeks ago. I am already less
stressed and more relieved than I was last semester. I’m interested in all of my classes and I feel
happy again. College students change their majors all the time, more than once usually. It’s hard
being young and knowing exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life. It would be awful
going through all four years studying a major and end up not getting a job that relates to your
degree. There are so many people in the world that are in that exact situation. I do not want to be
like that. I want to use what I learn at Kentucky Wesleyan College
in my career field. A lot, if not all, students are going to want that same thing.

The moral of this story is that it’s okay to not know what you want. It’s okay to not have
it all figured out. Go with what you love and your gut feeling. You know yourself better than
anyone. Don’t let outside influencers persuade you to change your mind. A college major is
important, it’s something that will impact the rest of your life. I wish I would’ve known better
than to change mine for that one semester. If I could go back, I would tell myself to be confident
with what my heart was telling me.

So, to whoever may be struggling with this same issue, do what you feel passionate
about. Do what makes you happy and can see making yourself happy for forever. In the end, it’s
your life ad your decision. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride.