Float Therapy Offered at Free Your Mind Spa

Brooke Griffin, Staff Writer

The Free Your Mind spa, located at 2864 W. Parrish Ave., Suite G, opened this April in Owensboro. They also have a location residing in Evansville, Indiana. Free Your Mind spa has introduced this town to a different kind of therapy option. This new way to relax and reduce stress is called float therapy. Float therapy uses sensory deprivation tanks, which cutout all outside stimulation, including sound, sight, and gravity. Studies indicate that floating increases dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting mood and leaving someone with a pleasant afterglow lasting for days.

In 2014, the owners’ son suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by shaken baby syndrome. The doctors came to a conclusion that he would never come off of a ventilator. They labeled him permanently unconscious. They have done research and have been introduced to many alternatives. The sensory therapy has helped their son, and this inspired them to open the wellness center in Owensboro.
Anyone can float, including pregnant women. Even people with claustrophobia have consistently reported no problem with floating. Minors are required to have parental permission and may be required to have adult supervision while inside the float room. It is highly recommended to those suffering from any medical conditions to consult their physician before floating, as well as any other services offered at Free Your Mind.

How it works is by filling a float pod with 850-1000 pounds of Epsom salts in 100 gallons of water. Because of this size and weight, anybody is able to float on their back without fighting gravity. The water is heated to 93.5 degrees, which is skin temperature. This is called a skin-receptor neutral, meaning a person loses track of where their body ends, and where the water begins. The person is given earplugs to help block out noise. The tub closes like an egg, which creates a dark, sound-proof barrier between the person and the outside. The brain is supposed to enter a deeply relaxed state. It has been reported to induce hallucinations while in the tank.

The benefits of a deprivation tank include stress relief, pain relief, better sleep, ease of muscle tension, improvement of mood, and reduction of anxiety. It has also been claimed to improve creativity, concentration and focus. There have also been studies that show that float therapy has been found effective in speeding up recovery after strenuous physical training.

The float session can last 90 minutes, and the pricing depends on what package is purchased. It is a good idea to arrive 15 minutes early to a session in order to check-in. All clothing must be removed, and the person must shower before entering the deprivation tank. When the session is done, the person must shower once more. The person is then welcomed to stick around for a hot cup of tea, to color, or to grab something to read if they’d like. It is suggested to avoid shaving or waxing before a session because the Epsom salts in the water can cause irritation to the skin. The person should also avoid drinking caffeine or eating a large meal before their float session, as well.

There may be some concern about the cleanliness of this type of therapy, but the tanks are completely hygienic. The float pod is cleaned after each session. Hydrogen peroxide is added and filtered, and then the ozone lighting is used. Ozone is an extremely active oxidizer. It destroys microorganisms on contact, and also acts as a deodorizer. The Epsom salt is also a natural anti-microbial and antiseptic. The water is filtered between each float as well.

The Free Your Mind spa also has other options for overall wellness. This includes myofascial release, far infrared sauna with chromo therapy, ionic foot detox, dry body brushing, whole body vibration, and a chi machine. For more details, pricing, and to book an appointment, visit their website www.fymwellness.com or call 270-215-7728.