Majors Without Borders

Brooke Griffin, Staff Writer

There is a new student organization forming on campus called “Majors without Borders.” Jonathan Johnson and Ethan Dossett have decided to form an organization that brings a wide variety of students together in one place. Every student has a major that they focus on and learn about in college. One day, they will put that knowledge to use towards their desired field, but there is so much more information to be learned that it is nearly impossible to study all at once in school. Majors without Borders can solve this problem and widen a student’s horizon by bringing various people with different majors together as a whole.

This organization is for anyone interested in expanding their perspective through intellectual conversation and learning how to optimize different aspects of their life. It will better impact students who are looking to grow as individuals and establish relationships that will cultivate a willingness to expand their intellect for the betterment of themselves and the people around them. Whether it be the student athlete, student with a part time job, or student interested in pursuing a graduate education, each individual who joins this organization brings in a different perspective others might not have looked at. All students are invited to join.

Their mission statement is, “The main mission of Majors without Borders is to cultivate an environment of higher education through conversation. Intellectual conversation is a key component of the human and college experience as a whole. As a community, our hope is to ignite conversations that challenge, intrigue, and help you as an individual grow. We as a community will provide Graduate School resources, multidisciplinary studies, and a place to develop as a student and person. By amalgamating students from diverse backgrounds, this community will provide opportunities for them to share what they are passionate about or curious about. This allows for future collaborative efforts that can have impactful effects on the community and potentially a larger demographic. The knowledge and experiences gained from this community will equip students to expand their horizons to places they never thought possible.”

This club was inspired by a conversation Johnson had with a friend over the summer. “This made me realize that if we are each in our respected fields, shielded off from a trove of information, we are not making the most use out of school. I pitched this idea to Ethan and is the one who was probably the most receptive to it at the beginning,” said Johnson, co-creator of Major without Borders.

This organization is a way to connect people from all different majors and interests. “I believe as humans, our main purpose is to survive and grow with those around us in a harmonious way. This organization will allow students to understand that we should use our passions to help others. By doing this, we ultimately help ourselves. Majors without Borders will help students grow not only in their major, but other aspects of life. By having an environment of growth and intellect, lives will be changed,” claimed Dossett, co-creator.

To form this organization, Johnson got in contact with the newly retired Ms. Margaret Cambron, who put him into contact with Dr. Christine Salmon. From there, it was a collective effort in naming the organization and putting together the constitution and bylaws. The conception of the organization represents the ideals of “Majors Without Borders.” Ethan Dossett is an English Major here on campus. Being an aspiring journalist, he wrote the necessary components. Patrick Quire (Sigma Phi Epsilon President) was instrumental in mentoring the technical aspects in organizing the key components of what needs to go through SGA and the numbers that we needed to reach at the interest meeting. There are several different students utilizing their unique talents and knowledge to help make a push for this passion of knowledge.