Construction Work Wrapping up on Peeples Hall

Brooke Griffin, Staff Writer

Peeples residence hall is currently under construction due to an unfortunate issue that occurred this summer before the Fall 2018 semester began.

Peeples Hall has had some moisture and condensation issues because of older, aging pipes in the building that were not insulated properly. This summer, in late June, Kentucky Wesleyan hired a contractor to come in to replace and repair some of the pipes that were causing those moisture issues. This is going to make the air quality in the building much better for the residents.

During the process of replacing some of the pipes, other pipes in the building were exposed to a higher water pressure than usual, and they ended up bursting. This caused the first two floors of the building to flood on July 24th. At that point, it was determined that all of the pipes and their insulation needed to be replaced, in addition to the heating registers in every room.

Kentucky Wesleyan is hoping that the project will be finished by Saturday, October 13th, so that the Peeples residents can return from their Fall Break and move onto campus. There were originally approximately 90 students who were supposed to be living in Peeples residence hall. Kentucky Wesleyan has been fortunate to be able to move students back into campus housing as room consolidation occurred.

The students that were supposed to be staying in Peeples have been relocated to two different hotels and Wesleyan Village. 59 students are currently staying at the Hampton Inn South Owensboro and Comfort Suites on Salem Drive, approximately 5 minutes from campus. 16 other students are currently living in Wesleyan Village right across the street from campus.

The school provides a shuttle for students who don’t have a way of transportation to and from campus to ensure they have an on campus experience available to them. Faculty and staff members have kindly volunteered their personal time to provide shuttles throughout the week, weekend, days and nights. There is a schedule for students to know the available times for a shuttle ride, but if a student has missed their bus, they can inform the school that they need a ride.

The Sunday after the students’ fall break, October 14th, Kentucky Wesleyan will have faculty and staff helping students move into Peeples. They will also be running shuttles to and from the hotels for anyone that doesn’t have their own transportation.

The way Kentucky Wesleyan College has handled this unfortunate situation shows how great of a team there is working for them. Students have definitely not been left to fend for themselves. They put the students first and provide whatever is necessary to make the students comfortable and accessible to campus.

They have been able to plan to finish the construction in a timely manner. The construction may have been a minor inconvenience, but it exhibits how thorough and caring Kentucky Wesleyan is. They are making sure the construction is done properly this time to ensure a safe, comfortable living space for the students.