Homecoming: A KWC Tradition

Martavius Carter, Staff Writer

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Homecoming is always a great time at Kentucky Wesleyan, due to all the traditions and surprises the college has during homecoming. Homecoming brings a week full of fun, starting with announcing the homecoming court. Homecoming court allows the students to partake in the events, starting with voting for the king and queen and prince and princess. Also, it’s full of traditions and brings a lot of surprises and memories.

Homecoming is a week full of traditions. It is a time to partake in all of the festivities during homecoming week. The traditions of homecoming are voting for the royalty, watching athletic games on the weekend, and capping it off by attending the homecoming dance. Traditions are the customs or beliefs from generation to generation. Tradition is the platform from other generations before us have set that will continue to be a part of our future. Kentucky Wesleyan will always carry on the traditions of the college, especially homecoming.

Homecoming brings a lot of surprises to the table when getting prepared for the weekend. One of those surprises that comes with homecoming starts with the alumni. Alumni are former graduates of a particular college or university. The alumni are always welcomed back and they always bring the joy and pride of representing the college where they graduated from. When seeing an old familiar face around the college it is always a joyous time to the professors, coaches, staff, or fellow students.

Homecoming is a time to present the “royalty” of the college. If anyone has a great homecoming story or good memories, it’s the King and Queen. The whole homecoming court was sure to remember that night. Whether you were the power couple or the odd couple, the friendliest kids in school or the class clowns, homecoming royalty was a special designation that said, “Hello, world. We’ve arrived.” Plus, the crown and tiara looked great! After voting all week, the homecoming king, queen, prince, and princess were announced at halftime of the football game and everyone watched them accept the honor presented to them by all the voters while their friends cheer.

Homecoming at Kentucky Wesleyan College is a big part of the tradition in which shaped this college into what it is today. Tradition is all about setting the standards that will forever be carried on in the future. Starting out with the surprises of alumni coming back to visit, to the festivities such as the dance or sporting events, and the fun of being homecoming week, homecoming week is a big tradition at KWC. Homecoming is a big success at Kentucky Wesleyan College each year and will continue to be a week full of fun!

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