Sportscenter’s Plan B

Katy Holland, Features Editor

Last semester, there was talk around Owensboro that the Evansville Icemen, a hockey team, was coming to Owensboro’s Sports Center, which is where Owensboro Catholic High School and Kentucky Wesleyan College’s basketball teams play. The Sportscenter was going to be sold to the Icemen to turn the facility into an ice arena. However, we soon found out that it would be too much cost for a renovation and that it would be much more simpler if the Icemen built a new arena on Highway 54.

On June 20th, 2016, Danny May wrote an article in Owensboro Living on the Icemen coming to Owensboro. The article mentioned a press conference where the IceMen owner, Ron Geary, along with Mayor Ron Payne and Owensboro City Commissioners, announced plans to sell the Sportscenter to Geary so he can make renovations to accommodate the new sport’s needs. The Sportscenter would need to add 7,200 seats to the arena and add 200 feet of ice to the flooring. However, more obstacles came as time passed, such as adding more parking, making a basketball floor able to go over the ice, and adding an expansion to the outer part of the arena.

Now, it is being questioned if they should just remodel the Sportcenter since it has been there for a while with few improvements. The Icemen’s team owner, Ron Geary, has not contacted the city of Owensboro on deadlines on what the plan is going to be now for the Sportcenter, so Owensboro decided not waste time and stated if the Icemen do not come to Owensboro, then they will rebuild the Sportscenter to host the Mavericks, Kentucky Wesleyan, and Owensboro Catholic games.

Owensboro approved Spectra, which manages Owensboro’s downtown Convention Center. If Ron Geary does not contact Owensboro by September 30th, then he will no longer have ownership of the Sportcenter. Many Owensboroians were very excited once word got around about Evansville Icemen moving here. Sadly, situations happened, and there is not enough commitment, so Owensboro, as always, is trying to do its best to keep everything running smoothly.

Dennis, a part of the Sportcenter, states, “We’re excited to be a part of it and move forward with out staff and team to manage the facility.” “We are in this interim period in this thirty days of waiting on head coach of the Icemen, Ron Geary, to make the final decision on if they will play here, but if they elect not to move forward, we are certainly prepared and excited about moving forward and managing the facility on behalf of the citizens of Daviess County.” []

Icemen were supposed to begin November 2016, which now looks hard to do and with no responses from Geary or anyone about of the Icemen program, Owensboro is now trying to plan for the best and keep everything as is, but just making the Sportcenter and little more up to date, which is said, to make more people interested to see new and what it has to offer.