The Wesleyan Way

Brittany Wells, Managing Editor

Many of you have heard the phrase “The Wesleyan Way.” Our current President, Bart Darrell, coined this phrase when he took charge two years ago in 2014 as the President of Kentucky Wesleyan College. There is a great significance to this phrase, which each student here at Kentucky Wesleyan College can make his or her own. We are all individuals who share “The Wesleyan Way” together. We all carry different meanings behind this phrase. We asked students what this phrase meant to them. Read below for their responses!


Erin Dorn



Biology Major

“‘The Wesleyan Way’ means that we support each other, we care for each other, we watch out for one another, and try to help each other achieve our goals.”


Shayla Wright


Education Major

“‘The Wesleyan Way’ means one big family working together as one in order to become more successful, striving for something more, something bigger than us.”


Jill Jones

Super Senior

Health Education Major

“When I think of ‘The Wesleyan Way,’ I think of people from different counties and states playing for the same team in order to help each other succeed and reach [our] goal[s].”


Sydney Morabito


Health Science

“When I think of the ‘Wesleyan Way,’ I think of people helping each other strive for more and being there to support each other through struggles. Everyone knows we are all one big fam.”