Humbled Over Hype

De'Vonta Moffitt, Features Editor

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HumbledOverHype & Nothing; I’m Fine was created by a young man who has been in a disastrous storm since his adolescence, having been raised in a broken home in a heavily drug polluted environment while at the same time enduring sexual, physical, and spiritual abuse. If you have even the slightest of idea of the ramifications of these traumas, I salute you. You’re the truest soldier of them all.

#HumbledOverHype means that no matter how high or low life may take you, no matter what the obstacle may be, never forget where you came from and that God can use you, as long as you’re willing to be used. Nothing; I’m Fine came while dealing with depression. Many times people asked the simple but monumental question, “What’s wrong?” My answer stayed the same, “Nothing; I’m Fine.” The most important piece is the semicolon. In English text, a semicolon means  you could have stopped, but instead you took just a brief pause. Therefore, God is bigger than any demon or any high or low that we may face.

These two lifestyles were created freshman year of high school while attending Western High School. While I was succeeding in sports, my mom was full of knowledge and made sure to teach me about humility. Most times, lessons came from the Bible. The more I grew spiritually, the more I drowned in despair. After a while, the suppressed past surfaced and began to fill my ears with uninvited voices. Many times these intrusive thoughts pushed me close to taking my own life, especially while attending Western Kentucky University freshman year. On the football team, I had a terrible practice, the coach was chewing me out all day, and I was homesick. That night I found myself outside my window but before I jumped, a whisper entered my ear, telling me to get back and go to sleep. Thus I did. Since then, I knew there has been a calling in my life.

In 2016, there has been an emergence of faith. An idea has surfaced, and now there’s a plan to open a non-profit to help males who have been mentally, physically, spiritually abused and battle depression to be the bridge between life and purpose. I personally know the feeling of abandonment and hopelessness; I personally want to be an advocate and mentor to anyone who wants the help. A quote that continues to help me get by and may be a mission statement is “Give to live.” Reasoning and serving others shows our humbleness and humility. Live for a bigger purpose and stay humbled no matter the hype.


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Humbled Over Hype