Making Owensboro a Better Place

Katy Holland, Features Editor

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Tonight as I was driving down Frederica Street, sitting at a red light, I noticed this young teenage boy riding his skateboard across the street because he had the right-of-way. There was an SUV taking a turn, and as this boy was skateboarding across the street, the car and boy collided. Luckily, the boy was okay and not severely hurt. It scared me to death, but the sad part is that this wasn’t my first time seeing a car colliding with a person. I continued to drive aimlessly, thinking about why random accidents happen and when they can be prevented. It does have something to do with what time of the day/night it is and what people are wearing, but Frederica’s street lights are very dim, people don’t pay attention as much as they should, and most people do not drive 35mph on Frederica Street.

This society has changed as a whole, and more people have become too lazy to even think about what’s right and wrong. For example, I went to the annual country Big-O Music Festival this summer, which is held in Owensboro, and I saw two men fighting each other over a bet. I don’t know what the bet was, but people were on their phones recording it and not stopping it. It was frightening to see, and I couldn’t break it up myself. It’s a shame that no cops or someone much bigger than I am did not stop it. People recording it were just yelling to get the guys going. This annual concert is supposed to be an upbeat and thriving concert, but in this society, it has been shaped by violence. There have been so many crimes happening lately, almost back to back. I believe that these crimes are egging people in this country to do more hateful crimes and to share these crimes on social media for the world to see.

Helping others is a way to start a positive change in our community, and helping means going out of your way to help someone out when you know he or she is struggling. You can pick up the trash on the sidewalk before a poor innocent bird chokes on it. You can create some value in this community by making yourself noticed in a positive way so you may serve as a role model for others. Every problem has a key to be fixed, and you just have to be willing to unlock the mess and make it into something better. The Owensboro community needs to be organizing people to come together to identify common problems or goals, mobilize resources, and develop and implement strategies for reaching the objectives they want to accomplish.

First of all, and most obviously, you need to involve the city of Owensboro in these positive efforts. This is the heart of community organizing. This may be done in many ways, from informal conversations, to going door-to-door, or using more formal methods of recruitment. Some of this may sound very simple to some and very difficult to others. From the boy almost getting hit on the street to the Big-O fight, I want to bring this topic up to be positive, not to nagging to students at Kentucky Wesleyan, because I’m guilty, I have littered and I have sped, but you can learn from your mistakes. The power of an organized community working together to reach Owensboro’s goals is nothing short of spectacular. There is no more important step to take than organization when trying to improve life in our communities. It is crucial for those of us working for our communities to understand how to do so effectively.

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