Finding Your Place

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Finding your purpose in life is difficult. Especially in society today, where remedies you face may discourage or stunt your growth as a human being. Growing up in Louisville, living in Section 8, my mind never escaped the prison cell that it was put in. On a day-to-day basis, I was subjected to and influenced by my environment. Living around my family, I never wanted to disappoint them in any way shape or form.

Many people can relate to this, going with the flow, trying to fit the mold of society just so you never hurt anyone’s feeling or go against the grain.

For many years I was a victim. I let everyone use me; I wanted to be what everyone wanted me to be. Superman, Batman, Captain America, The Joker and more. Over time, life became so overwhelming I forgot how to live for myself. Over time I learned that in order to grow, sometimes you have to live with the world suffocating you. You have to appreciate the struggle, learn how to endure rough times when you have nothing, and see who has your back.

Eventually, everything too shall pass. Pain lasts momentarily, but it can feel longer if you never get the message or the lesson behind it. It took for me to understand God and his plan with me to accept that. Growing up I fought the process; I looked to please everyone besides God. I let other people dictate my life instead of having a vision for myself, but as my mom always tell me, “If you know better, you’ll do better.” The lack of knowledge and will hinder your growth if you let it.

To really find yourself, you need to step outside of your prison cell built by your fears. You have to learn how to enjoy the pain, and then let the pain thrust you forward in life. Also you have to change your perspective. Your mind, heart, and hands are connected. In the past, I used to think myself into a state of fear, eventually forcing myself to become paralyzed, making me unable to complete the many tasks that God wanted to me finish. I didn’t trust the process. I was afraid to fail.

Try not to follow in my footsteps; I really made life more difficult by not trusting in the higher power. Patience is virtue in life, and we want instant gratification, but God marinates. He makes sure you’re really ready to receive your blessings. I promise you though that if you stick the course and trust in God while taking risks, you will find true meaning in life.

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Finding Your Place