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People say that in college you meet some of the best friends you will ever have and make some memories for a lifetime that are epic, almost movie like. It can be difficult leaving your home town, your parents’ home, and going to be around a bunch of people that you never met. These same people you call strangers become the same people you call family. I am a transfer student, and even though I did not complete all four years here at Wesleyan, I still made friends for a lifetime that I can now proudly call my brothers.

One of my favorite memories that I will never forget it was a weekday and we were still in training camp for football, and coach Holsclaw called for an unexpected mandatory meeting. Everyone was talking and nervous, spreading all kinds of rumors that the freshman messed up and did something the night before that the coaches found out, and we were all going to punished for it. The whole team is in the gym talking about what we could be in there for, whose fault it was, and so forth. And the coaches walk in all quiet, one after another. Holsclaw finally walks in last, and he looks livid. He gets in front of all of us and just starts going off, saying that practice has been crappy, we can’t tackle, we can’t block, we are dropping passes, and after saying all of that, he takes his shirt off and his pants and says, “WE ARE GOING SWIMMING!” The whole team gets up and is going nuts! Everyone is running around, yelling, and jumping up and down. We go to Atlantis Water Park and we are just young adults enjoying a hot summer day.

I talked to some fellow class mates of mine to see what their favorite memories may consist of.

Jade Mills-Harris’ favorite memory: “When I won conference my sophomore year. That year was unbelievable. Being able to win the games we won and to come out on top and win the conference championship was something I was able to share with my girls, my sisters, and that is something we will always have and no one can ever take away from us. I got the hardware to prove it too. Besides sports, the relationships that I built outside of my teammates. I have memories that I will never ever forget about or lose.”

Xavier Mitchell’s favorite memory: “My whole junior year was an unbelievable one. We were just coming off of an 0-11 season, and we got a new coaching staff a new Offense Coordinator, a bunch of new teammates, a great off season of working out, and just bringing it all together. We tied for the best record in KWC history, and one of my best friends, Keelan Cole, and I were two of the best Wide Receivers in the nation. That is one thing I can carry with me for the rest of my life. I have meet some great people here. Even being in Germany now I have people that I still talk to from Owensboro because of KWC, brothers for a lifetime, and that is the best memory yet.”

Kentucky Wesleyan is one small school with many different stories many different sports, but they all end up with a common message, a message that end with family, people that we have met over our time period being here at this college. You never know when you will be in the same place with all these people again, so farewell Wesleyan. I thank you for everything you have done for me, but most of all we thank you for giving us an extended family that we can always call on.

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