K-DUB Fashion Show

Brittany Wells, Managing Editor

On Thursday, March 31st Kentucky Wesleyan sophomores gathered in Tapscott Chapel to watch the “What Not to Wear Fashion Show” presented by the Sophomore Experience.  The event was hosted by Rebecca McQueen, Director of the Sophomore Experience, and Ashley Gendek, Writing Workshop instructor, and featured nine student models.  “We hope that sophomores are starting to interview for internships and attend career fairs, so we host this event to make sure that students know what kind of clothing is appropriate for certain settings,” said McQueen.

The nine student models are all current Oak & Ivy finalists or recipients from last year.  There were four categories of clothing style:  casual, business casual, professional, and semi-formal.

The casual category focused on clothing appropriate for everyday situations like attending class, shopping, or hanging out with friends.  Ruth Ballenger was an example of what to wear for the casual category.  She wore a stylish black and white top paired with jeans and sandals.  Nathan Payne’s clothing was what not to wear to wear for casual clothing.  He was in a dirty apron from Great Harvest with his jeans tucked into his socks.  Addie Reimbold was another bad of example of casual clothing with sweatpants, house slippers, and a see through shirt. The hosts reminded the audience that while class is a casual setting, pajamas and gym apparel aren’t appropriate clothing.

Business casual clothing is often work to career and internship fairs and in some office settings.  JoCarol Bunch’s outfit was on point for business casual. She paired nice khaki pants with a shirt and cardigan.  Brittany Wells was a fashion disaster in baggy khaki shorts revealing her undergarments and a logo t-shirt paired with a navy blazer.  Margaret Cambron, Director of Career Development, told the audience that nice khaki pants, button up shirts, and knee length dresses fell into the business casual category.

Professional clothing is apparel worn on job interviews and in corporate office settings.  Morgan Oakley, guest model and Graduate Assistant in Student Life, missed the mark in a revealing sun dress, denim jacket, and sandals.  However, Jennifer Walker-Crawford stunned in a beautiful knee-length black and yellow dress and nude heels.  Rhiannon Moore was a crowd pleaser in a fuchsia blazer and black dress pants.  Ms. Cambron told sophomores that conservative is usually the best route in choosing an interview outfit.  You don’t want to distract those interviewing you with loud colors or trendy accessories.

Semi-formal attire is appropriate for evening weddings, work cocktails, and other events designated as such.  Simeon Pogue channeled his inner Timberlake in a black suit and bowtie.  Penni Pluimer was not appropriately dressed for a semi-formal occasion in a skintight dress with a slit to her knee and four inch nude heels.

Overall, the “What Not to Wear Fashion Show” was a major success.  The models had a lot of fun putting together their different looks and the audience learned something while being entertained.  Students should definitely check out the third annual show next spring.