No Longer a Transfer Student

Kaitlyn Groce, Features Editor

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It is hard to believe that next year I will no longer be considered a transfer student, but a returning Kentucky Wesleyan student. Deciding to transfer was a hard but easy decision. I knew that I wanted to continue my volleyball career, and here at KWC I was provided the opportunity to do so.

On such a small campus like Wesleyan, its easy for everyone to know a little bit about you without even meeting you, which is something I had never really encountered in my educational career or life in general. There are three groups in which students get split into during the years at schools. There are the first year students, the returning students, and the transfer students.

So far in my college career, I have been the first year student, and the transfer student; however, I long to be a returning student and to finally feel like I belong to one place. It’s hard to find just one place given my situation. I am considered a freshman athletically, a sophomore age-wise, and a junior academically.

This means that I am graduating a year early with hopes of going to grad school. By attending grad school, this means that I would have to transfer/attend a new school for the third time in four years. I don’t know if someone would consider attending grad school to be a transfer or not.

Throughout my first/transfer year at Wesleyan, I have learned so many thing that I will carry with me. As cliché as it may sound, I have experienced things that have taught me about myself and have allowed me to get more involved on campus. I have found a temporary home away from home thanks to KWC.

Its hard to think that I will only have one more year after the semester ends to consider Wesleyan a temporary home, but I can only hope that I have left my individual mark on the Kentucky Wesleyan campus. Being such a small campus, the power of the student body allows for student’s voices to be heard.

That being said, I didn’t feel my first semester that my voice was being heard. It was rough transitioning to Wesleyan and allowing myself to take advantage of everything the KWC had to offer. The first year students had mandatory orientation, and it was their first year, so they automatically had a group that they could connect with.

Besides the sports teams, transfer students, unless more outgoing than I, didn’t really have another group to go to for support. During my second semester, I found people outside of my sports team with whom I shared common interests and was able to break out of my shell and really enjoy everything that was offered at Wesleyan.

It’s safe to say that my transfer year had its ups and down, but there is no doubt in my mind that next year will be even better not only because I will come back knowing people, but because I will finally be able to be considered a returning student.

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No Longer a Transfer Student