How I Found My Faith

De'Vonta Moffitt, Editorial Writer

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In my 19 years of life, one thing that is engraved in my heart is the idea that life truly a marathon and not a 100 meter sprint. Growing up I had my fair share of trials. The young adolescent I was  believed that if I trained hard enough, ran hard enough, and smiled big enough, the darkness would subside. In theory, the idea was perfect until I stopped running the race. I stopped fighting, and therefore I became a victim and not the survivor I was built to be.

Before I started to fathom the meaning, I just did what I’ve always known to do. I didn’t have knowledge of what I had to do in life. So I sprinted years of my life, rushing the process, in the meanwhile making a bigger mess to clean up in time. I never paced myself or gave myself a break. If I didn’t, I would not make it to my final destination because I would be too fatigued to make it.

After countless let-downs, hours of confusion, and years of resentment, I am finally understanding the meaning of a marathon. In a marathon,  you want to get a full head of steam at the start and begin to coast. Here and there you speed up and increase your effort. Once you see your purpose in life and see where true life is, you give everything that you have left for home stretch.

There’s a cheat code also that many people may not know of: God. He gives you strength when you’re weak, oxygen when you can’t breathe, and everything you may need to finish your destination.

During my sophomore year of high school, God planted a seed within my mind. Each year my motivation grew, and I knew God was watering what He planted. Still being scared, I took a leap of faith my sophomore year of college. That leap was also a test of my dedication, and the devil tried to kill me by bringing up my past before my eyes. Every failure, every negative thing that occurred in my life flashed before me.

God one night spoke in my heart finally, convincing me that I’ll be okay. He told me, “I will never let you hurt the way you did before, I will protect you, but you have to endure some pain.” After our talk, I finally took the steps to get started to my road to redemption.

#HumbleOverHype was created. The purpose is to tell my testimony in a way that I become a bridge that allows me to be the bridge to God. I try to serve in a way that people know that I am everything I am because of the grace God has for me. Every day when I wake up I think about the brand and how God has spared my life and has given me strength to continue my journey.

With that, He showed me that faith is being able to lean on Him, even though we may not see him with our eyes. While trusting him with our lives, deepest secrets, fears and our world in general. I’m learning that with Him whatever you give Him becomes greater. You just have to believe in him and the process.

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How I Found My Faith