Owensboro: A Terrible Small Town or a Diamond in the Rough?

Brittany Wells, Managing Editor

As a college student at Kentucky Wesleyan, I have always heard two complaints about Owensboro and our school. One is that Wesleyan is too small, and the other is there is nothing to do in Owensboro. I can agree with Wesleyan being small, but I just can’t wrap my head around why the student body sees Owensboro as a small town. I wonder if people do not know what is in Owensboro or if they just do not know where to look for things to do. That is why I decided to write an article for an easy access account of all the things that Owensboro has to offer.

Many complain about the shopping in Owensboro, which I do agree as far as large chain retail stores that we lack. We do have a Maurice’s, American eagle, and a Rue 21, but that is not where Owensboro’s shopping shines. We have stores such as Peacocks & Pearls, Blossoms, Bella Ragazza, Southern Charm, Embellish, & Studio 29. These are all locally owned stores, which carry a variety of unique brands that you don’t find in large chains. Each one of these boutiques varies in brands and prices, but they almost all carry a quality found nowhere else. This could be why Owensboro has some of the best-dressed ladies around.

For the outdoor enthusiast, you should go no further than Owensboro KY, The options are limitless. Some of the more popular choices include the river walk down at Smothers Park or the archery range and mountain bike trails down at Ben Hawes Park. Right on the edge of town is a little place called Golf Land, which has multiple go-cart tracks, 18 holes of putt putt, a driving range, and a set of batting cages. Owensboro also has what’s called the Greenbelt, which is a 15-mile, mostly paved route that circles the city. The Greenbelt is meant to be a safe path to connect neighborhoods to other neighborhoods and to business districts.

So if you are still looking for something in Owensboro, have you heard about all the new sports teams? Owensboro now or in the near future will boast two semi-professional teams, the West Kentucky Mavericks and the Owensboro Icemen. Both teams will (pending negotiations) call the Owensboro Sportscenter home, and while you are at the Sportscenter, do not forget about the Edge Ice Center where free-skates are held every weekend. No experience is needed. The Edge is the only publicly owned ice arena in Kentucky. The Mavericks are of the ABA affiliation, and the Ice-men are of the ECHL, what this means is that these teams have the talent of players from the big leagues such as the NBA and NHL.

If that still isn’t enough, have you been informed on the festivals, concerts, and cookouts Owensboro host? Owensboro has one of the biggest cook-offs during the International BBQ Festival downtown in May. During this time, the streets smell of warm charcoal and fresh BBQ. Second Street is lined with craft vendors and food trucks, and amusement rides are set up under the big blue bridge. The newest and fastest growing festival is the Big- O Music Fest, which takes place at Reid’s Orchard (another place to check out). This is a huge country concert that has had major headliners such as Hank Williams JR, Jake Owen, Travis Tritt, Charlie Daniels, and many others.

If you still think Owensboro is too small and restricting for you, I can’t say I understand, but to each their own. The best way to look at Owensboro is that it has the heart of a small town with the bells and whistles of the larger cities. It is a one of a kind, and if you cannot find something you enjoy here, you may just be a bit to picky.