Stress of the Last Stretch

Brittany Wells, Managing Editor


Here we are in the last stretch of the last semester in our senior year. Everyone is on pins and needles, checking and double checking their graduation requirements, mid-term grades, cap and gown orders, and much more. We have those little voices in our heads scrambling abut this and that, and it is almost enough to send us right over the edge to loony land. Then we take a deep breath and realize that we have made it this far, and a couple more months will not break us. This whole article is going to give you advice to lower stress levels and ways to cope with that pre-graduation anxiety that everyone gets.

These stress relieving methods can be effective for all students, even you students enrolled in organic chemistry. The first method is very simple and short but can make a big difference in a person’s day; all you have to do is take a few minutes to meditate. You can do this in your dorm room, the quad, and even in the hallway if you don’t mind a few stares. Find a quiet place to sit straight up and take a few deep breaths. If you do this once a day and truly clear your head, research has shown that your body can actually become stress resilient.

The second stress relieving method I would recommend is tackling one task at a time. Many days, you feel as if your plate is so full that it may just break right down the middle. Instead of taking on your entire daily task at once, simply write them all down in order of importance. Start on your first task and finish it completely, although you may not make it through your list for the day at least the most important items were accomplished. You will feel much better with a smaller list the next day than you would if you still had a full list of partially accomplished task.

This next method may not be free but you’d be surprised how far 10 dollars will go to relieve stress. Head over to the Owensboro mall and get a massage. They offer 10 minutes for $10 and 20 minutes for $20 deals. These have gotten me through some intense times, especially through midterms and finals. You don’t realize how long your body can carry stress in the form of muscle tension, even after the actual stress-causing event has passed.

College can be stressful, and when you add the extra stress from real life, a job, sports, and clubs, and the stress levels only go up. Each person is different, but with every person stress should be dealt with appropriately. It can affect your mood, energy levels, focus, and even go as far as affecting your health. Taking care of your stress levels should be as important as taking care of your mind and body because stress can tear even the strongest people apart. Be sure to handle yours.