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Brittany Johnston, Special Guest Writer

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Every day Americans are spending millions of dollars on electricity that is going to waste. At Kentucky Wesleyan College, a lot of our money is going towards electricity that students and faculty are not even using. For example, the administration building keeps the lights on even when students are not in there. In most dorms, the common room and bathroom lights stay on. Students keep their laptops, phone chargers, and hair products plugged in. In an attempt to see how much money we spend on electricity, Professor Connelly’s two freshmen Writing Workshop classes are teaming up together to have a school wide lights out. Professor Connelly’s classes are measuring the electricity used on a normal day at Kentucky Wesleyan College and how much money we spend on electricity in comparison to a period of time where we use no to little electricity at all.

On March 16, 2016, Professor Connelly and his two freshmen classes are asking people to voluntarily not use power, and if you have to, then use the least amount possible. We are asking that student’s unplug their phone chargers, laptop chargers, straighteners, and gaming systems. This is very important because not only does it affect Kentucky Wesleyan, but it also affects the environment. The environment is important when thinking about your future and the future of our world. If we don’t start making changes now, then our environment could be critically damaged in the future. In participating in this school wide lights out, you will be helping conduct research about how to save money for our school and how to help the environment stay in the best shape possible.

Now, you might argue and say that you don’t pay the electricity bill. However, if the school did not spend all the money on electricity, Kentucky Wesleyan could spend more money on things that will more directly benefits the students. Some of those things could be more trips funded by the school, new sports equipment, better chapter rooms for the sororities and fraternities, chances for new academic clubs, and the possibility of a new sports facility. There are many things that the students would benefit more from than the school spending money on electricity that is not even being used. This provides even more incentive to participate in the school wide power outage.

I encourage everyone to participate in the school wide black out on Wednesday March 16. Unplug your chargers, straighteners, and gaming systems and help Connelly’s classes conduct research. This power outage can help find ways to save money for your school, which in return could save money for you or benefit the students more. This power outage also provides you with the opportunity to help better the environment around you. For the power outage you can light candles and use flash lights. This could be a fun way for you and your friends to get to know each other on a more personal level without all the technology in the way. So turn the lights out and unplug all of your cords and help Kentucky Wesleyan and the environment around you on Wednesday March 16.

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