Save the Date: Electricity Can Wait!

Morgan Montgomery, Special Guest Writer

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Every student at Kentucky Wesleyan knows how much of a struggle money can be. This is especially true considering how expensive our amazing private college is. Tuition, housing, meal plans, classes, and textbooks seem to take over our budget pretty, I’d say. However, I don’t think that most students consider how much our school actually spends on a monthly basis for us…and one of the largest budgets KWC has on their plates is electricity usage.

I am in Professor Connelly’s Writing Workshop II class, and we are planning a “Lights Out!” day for Wednesday, March 16th, 2016. What is this “Lights Out!” day, you ask? We are trying to convince all Kentucky Wesleyan students to use little to no electricity during the course of this entire day. This includes using computers, keeping your lights on in your dorm, keeping chargers or technology plugged in to outlets, and so much more. We will look at bills and figures to find out how much money our school’s electric bill is in one day of our normal electricity usage, and then, after our “Lights Out!” day, figure up the same data and see the difference between the two. I am an avid electricity user after realizing how much I take advantage of it, so believe me, I know for a fact this may be a hard task, but every bit of help makes the difference!

I bet you are wondering how and why we decided to do this. Electricity is used more than the average student realizes. Each building at our college has multiple lights and outlets down each hallway, within each floor, each bathroom, each classroom, each dorm room, and then some. Students, especially teenagers and young adults, can easily burn up an electricity bill in one day. So, if we conduct this study on our “Lights Out!” day and find out how much money we could potentially save monthly, weekly, or even daily by using less electricity, then maybe we can work together as a campus community to keep our expenses in check. Imagine how much money we could save over the years, just from the data gathered by my class from this one-day experience! How amazing would it feel to know you participated in something so miraculous for KWC?

Also, aside from money (which I know is important), Kentucky Wesleyan could also potentially be more environmentally-friendly if we used less electricity. This would put an even greater name on our school and improve the well-being of the campus as a whole. Students and teachers would feel a sense of relief knowing how much of a difference we are making just by turning our lights off, and this could improve our education and experience we receive here at college.

So, KWC students, help us by saving the date, because your electricity can wait!! Wednesday, March 16th, 2016, across the entire Kentucky Wesleyan campus. Unplug those phone chargers, laptops, and microwaves, keep your lights off in your hallways and dorms, for just 24 hours, and see the difference this can make in both the money and environment aspect of our amazing school! Spread the word, and let’s see results!

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Save the Date: Electricity Can Wait!